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  1. I'm having flashbacks to the Earwolf Challenge and that's a good thing. The interns were assigned tasks in their respective 'wheelhouses.' Thanks for the great bonus episode. There is no such thing as too much I4H!
  2. This was fantastic. I would listen to this every week! I got to know Besser through the Earwolf challenge and I loved his teaching style, logic, analysis of philosophy and notes. Then Improv4Humans came out and is so funny and so skilfully performed. It makes me want to get the UCB manual. And after having listened to this ep, I'm certain the manual is gold. More of these, please.
  3. I love Case Closed. Silly is funny, but it is inconsequential. Case closed segments make the comedy have poignancy and value. You;re a hero Besser, exactly like Jackie Collins.
  4. Sean Conroy was great as always on this ep.
  5. Basil Marlowe

    Episode 3 β€” Toilet Wine

    Stay safe, TJ!
  6. Basil Marlowe

    Episode 3 β€” Toilet Wine

    Fuck yes! Thanks guys!
  7. Perfect timing on Dorff's Sandy Hook bit. The 60 day cooling off period passed and so it was therefore funny.
  8. Basil Marlowe

    Episode 66 β€” Cop Donkey

    He died just about 2000 years ago and you're making jokes about Jesus? Too soon.
  9. Case closed is fantastic. I always enjoy hearing Besser's fair yet passionate debating style. He earnestly cares about making solid arguments. I respect that a lot. It is great how the flaws in logic become the starting points of scenes. Case closed is my favorite feature.
  10. Basil Marlowe

    Episode 1 β€” Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang

    This show sounds fun! I hope you continue to develop programs like this, Earwolf!
  11. I thought the edit was great. The comedic payoff is there without having to actually use any hate language. Great call, Besser!
  12. Thanks for the recommendation, Silly. Do you prefer the seminar format? Or would you prefer the podcast to be like those audio books?
  13. I enjoy this series. I really enjoy hearing Seth Godin masterfully create his parables of business wisdom. He is so engaging. I would prefer a more chilled atmosphere. I think Godin's lessons presented like the Stuff You Should Know podcast (ie. interesting and informative stories and facts around a central question or theme) would be better than the particular energy of a seminar (that we, the listeners are not at). That would allow Godin to talk to us, the listeners, more directly which creates a nice podcaster-listener rapport, like the one created between Howard and Kulap and the chartists. Basing the theme of the week on listeners' questions would also increase that rapport.
  14. Basil Marlowe

    Episode 13 β€” Nocturnal Emotions

    I found Har Mar and Mac's conversation quite interesting and look forward to hearing more interviews conducted in Har Mar's unique style. I'll keep listening because it seems Har Mar has a different circle from which to draw interviewees and the style of conversation is distinct from others, while still being illuminating. Listening to this ep, I felt like I didn't want it to end.