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    October horror themed suggestions

    Some good ones: AVP Requiem. Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. (This is a Troma film, so it might not count). The Gingerdead Man or it's sequel. Rubber, a film about a killer psychic car tire. Jack Frost 2. The second film in the series about a killer snowman. The first film isn't even so bad its good, but the second one really is a blast.
  2. May I suggest Aliens vs Predator Requiem for a future bad movie? The first three Alien films and the first couple Predator films are outstanding, but then it all went downhill, and you cant do much worse than AVP:R. No one ecapes from this movie looking good. The humans look bad, the Predators looks bad, and the Aliens end up looking the worst of all since they pose no threat in this movie. Also instead of this maybe conisider doing the first AVP film. It is not as bad as AVPR, but it still leaves a bad taste in one's mouth when you compare it to the previous filmss. AVPR: In space no one can give you your money back.