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    EPISODE 82 — Neil Casey, Our Close Friend

    Hey dweebs, late to the episode thread here, but I couldn't help but point out what no one else in this thread has really hit on the head yet which is that in a completely different episode Ellie Kemper really didn't know how to play along. Some facts about Ellie Kemper to support this theory: 1) She's never done improv before 2) She's never done improv at UCB before 3) She's never done s (and definitely not Neil Casey) before. I think it's pretty safe to say these facts speak for themselves. This poorly trained actress who has never done improv, worked with the UCB or worked with Sean and Hayes before definitely did not "get" their shtick. Case closed.
  2. Look how many people want this, Earwolf!
  3. prefuse21

    Episode 180 — Friends Without Words

    Great episode, I love seeing Paul's new wardrobe in the photos every appearance. Who is the man on the far right in the group photo? He looks familiar...
  4. prefuse21

    Episode 176 — Out of Bleeps

    Such a great episode already! I just finished re-watching the last season of Parks and Rec in preparation for the upcoming season, so the timing of this episode is extra perfect. A Poehler Freestyle Rap AND Would You Rather in one episode?