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    Episode 193 — What Else? What Else?

    Did a woman reply to this thread at any point?
  2. Has anyone tried to expose you to Tonetta? http://www.youtube.com/user/777tonetta it's a rabbit hole of depravity and hooks with a massive breadth of material that's hard to comprehend. Some good starting points would be: http://youtu.be/mg-hJ9pKjbA http://youtu.be/xdkn14YGicA http://youtu.be/FtGQE4ATSgw or this http://youtu.be/2DNocQKBNR8
  3. RudePatrick

    Episode 176 — Out of Bleeps

    This one is one of the all time best. I am nearly shitting myself laugh at this episode.