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    You should get Zooey Deschannel, it would probably attract a lot of newcomers. I was listening to another podcast, and she mentioned she loves doing Improv, and she is in the LA area. Apparently she was also invited to UCB to be a judge on an improv show (Asscat Monologues?), but she really just wanted to participate. Here's the link to the audio, http://www.nerdist.c...ooey-deschanel/. Skip to 37 mins to here the quote, and at 67 mins to here more discussion about improv.
  2. I think that was in the best of vol.1. There was a sky diving scene that mentioned a simulation. I've only listened to the most recent episodes, but I loved the "too excited guy" on episode 40 I believe. Made me laugh on the bus, which is quite embarrassing.