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  1. CWBaer

    Episode 59 β€” Spice World

    I love it when June gets sincere and proclaims that she actually enjoys a certain part or thinks a particular actor did a good job.
  2. CWBaer

    Lake Placid

    It's on HBO on demand. This movie is just baffling scene after baffling scene.
  3. CWBaer

    Episode 48 β€” Sleepaway Camp

    If this is truly "Ricky" this is awesome. My question would be did they tell you what profanity to use or where those all off the cuff?
  4. CWBaer

    Episode 179 β€” Pitch Slapped

    I did and it left me feeling empty and unsatisfied with the episode as a whole. Lazy podcasting, Scott.
  5. CWBaer

    The Paperboy

    It's not out yet but the couple reviews I've read of this movie make is sound like true HDTGM material. It was compared to Tiptoes in the Deadspin review. Then there's this gem of a concluding sentance from Pajiba.com "It is a sorry, limp, bedraggled mess of a film β€” so bad it’s bad."
  6. CWBaer

    Bad Halloween Movies!

    I'd like to second the previous commenter, "Teeth" is truly something to behold. A girl with a vagina with teeth. Also what about the movie "Death Bed: The Bed That Eats People" as documented in Patton Oswalt's stand up special Werewolves and Lollipops?