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  1. Now I definitely searched the forums for this movie, and nothing came up. If someone finds otherwise, point me in the right direction. My boyfriend and I just finished watching one of the most insane horror movies from the late '80s. And we stumbled upon it! This movie is straight up craze balls. There's random gratuitous ass and titty shots that make you convince yourself one of the actresses and the director might have been fucking. One of the characters, possessed by a demon, draws lipstick slowly over her chest and nipple, and then proceeds to press the entire tube of lipstick into (and subsequently THROUGH) her nipple, into her chest. The character that walks in on her, moments later gets his eyes popped right into his skull. Who knows with this crazy and AMAZING awful piece of work what they were thinking. Parts of worked for us. Most of it was crazy. The LINES in this. An old man shakes his fist at a kid, in the beginning and says "YOU SONOFABITCH" shaking his fist like the most stereotypical crotchety old man. At one point, to get a party started, someone says they brought a strobe light from home because their parents were "former acid heads". Spoiler alert! It really DOES get the party started for some reason. Also, this is one of the very rare horror movies, especially of its time, to have the ONLY black character be a complete coward, AND survive. Well.... he redeems himself at the VERY end. But MAN does he take his time. There's a pretty psychedelic dance sequence in which one of the characters, dressed as a bride in black, is spinning to the strobe light while demonic sounding backward-speaking Latin metallica music plays in the background. These are just mere moments from this full on crazy wild ride of a horror movie. The first 45 minutes is literally all exposition. But once all the characters look into a mirror, shit his the fan and it doesn't stop spattering all over the floors and walls of and ceilings of this crazy frickin' movie until the very last frame
  2. BradyO'Neill

    Correction - Street Fighter

    Not just Mortal Kombat, honestly EVERY fighting game nowadays has taken from the pattern that Street Fighter laid out
  3. BradyO'Neill

    OMISSION: Stop or My Mom Will Shoot

    I CAN'T believe you guys didn't mention or see this, but when Joey locks Tutti in the car, she starts using a police baton to hit the windshield. She hits it with enough force that she actually does crack the windshield. You see her face suddenly look at the crack and then she says her line "Well that's not gonna work" when in truth, that was working GREAT hahaha
  4. BradyO'Neill

    Bad Summer Movies!

    I really wanna see 1999's "The Mummy" talked about. I just rewatched it and holy LORD it's ridiculous! For that matter, a TRILOGY discussion should be had. The second installment (which takes place in 1933) has an AIRSHIP with THRUSTERS! In the Third installment, Jonathan, the recurring comic relief, has his ENTIRE back on fire, and he enunciates quite loudly for Brendan Frasier's character, Rick, to put him out by "spanking his ass." Guys... These MOVIES!