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    Episode 98.5 — Minisode 98.5

    It wasn't the most horrible movie I've seen, I'm not sure if it's even bad. 'Not good' I guess is what I'd call this movie. The real concern I guess is just the physical impossibility of setting up the entire scheme of everything... it's completely unbelievable from just about every turn that no one saw anything coming. That's a fast horse, why does it always have a bandage before the race? That's a lot of explosives-- why do you want it all massed up in this hole? Why the hell are you manufacturing chips below your mansion in France?! You don't even need James Bond to solve this one, literally no part of this man's operation make sense. The most impossible thing though is bungalow blimp. Wouldn't every last worker have seen that? And why did it need to be disguised as a bungalow, anyways?! Oh, man. I think the only thing that kept me from rolling my eyes over and over for 131 minutes was to stop and watch Christopher Walken give an amazing performance.
  2. reverendnathan

    Episode 76.5 — Minisode 76.5

    This was my first time watching the movie. Other than some dumb exposition in the very beginning, the early parts of the movie were quite promising. It seemed like Hawk's chemistry with various characters around him is cleverly designed, the first heist (of the horse) I thought was well put together, and hell, even the "cartoon world" elements (jumping off a building to a cloth terrace over the entrance? classic! The third time someone jumps off of a building?! C'mon, man!!) worked... but then this movie turns to crap so quickly! It's like you can also see the movie go from acceptable, maybe even good... to just utter garbage. I'm glad I watched it, and I think it's even worth seeing again just to gawk at the poor behind-the-camera choices made to this movie. But you can watch certain parts of the flick and see there was something good here to begin with... maybe even a great movie could have happened(?!)... but man, does this movie just fall apart quickly and just keep going like dominoes. There's more entertainment in trying to wrap your head around what went wrong in this crapfest than any part of the movie itself.
  3. reverendnathan

    Episode 76.5 — Minisode 76.5

    Literally Jason M. Bonkers.
  4. Seems to have gone away, but it happens 2-3 times right at the start. With respect to editing later in the film, it's still not good. A much bigger concern is the horrid storyline going on, though. Also the set design.
  5. Is the version on Netflix VIN cut for time or a television cut? It seems right around every fifteen minutes (so far) there is a complete blackout perfect for cutting for time for a TV movie commercial edit point. If you saw this in theatres, are watching it on DVD, or just anywhere but Netflix, can you confirm that you are seeing the same thing? Also, if so, holy shit. This festering pile even goes down to the editing job. Not to mention the editing job done to PA-L's breasts, am I right?! Oh man, how did this get made?!