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  1. VitaminSee

    Collabs Into Now

  2. VitaminSee

    Episode 249 - Guy Branum, Our Close Friend

    Oooh. New colour scheme. New Forum Colour Scheme 2 : Electric Boogaloo.
  3. VitaminSee

    Episode 248 - Triumph At Comic-Con

    Next show they should listen back to this show of them listening to the previous show. And so on until infinity.
  4. VitaminSee

    Episode 246 - Aparna Nancherla, Our Close Friend

    'A-Parna - Nan-Cherla! A close friend! Like Uri Geller! That's a little song I just made up. You can't hear it, but I assure you the melody is very strong.
  5. VitaminSee

    Episode 241 - Live from Onionfest

    Classic ep. A Pet Sounds. A Pepper. A real Chris Gaines.
  6. I'd like to hear the isolated tracks of the cover band.
  7. VitaminSee

    Episode 235 - Natalie Morales, Our Live Friend

    Grinder? I hardly know 'er.
  8. VitaminSee

    Episode 234 - Joe Wengert, Our Contest Maker Friend

  9. 'Les Rando.' Bawdy British comedian from the '80's.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHy06FMsezI A sketch for the ages.
  11. VitaminSee

    Episode 227 - Claudia O'Doherty, Our Close Friend

    Now that is solid comedy blappage.
  12. VitaminSee

    Episode 226 - Tom Scharpling, Our Third Host

    Wow. 235 views thus far for IR Nerds' vid. That makes it a full blown viral sensation. Pizza Rat? EAT HIS DUST!! Rebecca Black? INTO THE MUD!!
  13. VitaminSee

    Episode 225 - Ryan Gaul, Our Close Friend

    Booyakasha! I've just won 5 million Eurocoindollars after choosing February 2018 as the date someone mentioned Glitter In The Garbage.
  14. VitaminSee

    Episode 224 - Nick Wiger, Our Corny Friend

    Finally signed up to Stitcher Premium and had Hollywood Masterclass on as I slept. It seems to have seeped into my subconscious and turned me into..one hesitates to say 'A Superman', but I feel..invulnerable! Made it Ma! Top of the world! I can flyeeeee!! I can f
  15. VitaminSee

    Episode 221 - Jen Statsky, Our Close Friend

    This Wilco episode really went off the rails.
  16. VitaminSee

    Episode 217 - Listeners, Our Close Friends 4

    Engineer Cody: The Existential Musical. Cody is played by a particularly disinterested mop and the music is just a constant low rumble.
  17. VitaminSee

    Episode 216 - Meredith Hagner, Our Close Friend

    Using a random US city generator came up with suggested gigs in Henderson, Nevada and Mesa, Arizona. We could play on old burial grounds to soothe the restless spirits of the ancients. Added fun: Say things like Mesa-having a good time! And Mesa-horneeee baby! in a Jar-Jar style to tickle the local funny bones. Added fun 2: if we find any around the burial site, tickle some actual bones. International Gig: Prague. AKA Prague-narok.
  18. VitaminSee

    Episode 216 - Meredith Hagner, Our Close Friend

    Hagner? I hardly knew 'er.
  19. Cover: Warren Zevon's 'Lawyers, Guns and Money. Original: 'Bathing In Ketchup (My Life, My Choice)' (Just squelching sounds really, but squelching with SUBSTANCE baby.
  20. 'Yeah so I was having my own 'Search Party'. Bit of a disaster cos only Altavista and Lycos showed up!!' First Draft potential joke for open mic night at Frankie Fun's Chuckle Bungalow (East}.
  21. I'm on 'Vibes'. Needless to say my major influence is Shakin' Stevens, the Welsh Elvis.
  22. R.E.M.related pun idea: 'All The Way To Reino.' (Drops mic (Mills)
  23. I concur with Joe. This is a good bit. Is this page 3?
  24. 'This is not Brett-orical. Why isn't chili a soup?'
  25. VitaminSee

    Episode 211 - Jon Bass, Our Close Friend

    'Bass! How Lowe Can You Go?' Reality show idea in which Jon Bass slowly takes over the life of Rob Lowe. Or something.