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  1. saddlebags

    Episode 440 - Pop-TarTender

    My fav thing about Besser on CBB is that his characters quickly turn into thinly veiled cover for his incredulity at Scott/Earwolf/Guests. Also it was great hearing Todd cracking Besser up in the background.
  2. saddlebags

    Episode 434 - Doubt About That

    This exchange killed me: Tiny: I thought he was dick tired, but he was DICK DEAD! Patty: Doubt
  3. saddlebags

    Episode 247 - Marilyn Monroebot

    Great ep! Nicole was incredible as a first timer. Especially going up against Rust and Gabrus. Looking forward to her becoming one of the regulars.
  4. saddlebags

    Episode 49 - The Layman with Jon Gabrus

    i'm here for it
  5. This was amazing. Jason's money counting gag killed me.
  6. More exploitation of mentally ill people. Great! Someone who is not a trained professional should not be portraying a therapist. Earwolf is opening up themselves to some serious liability.
  7. saddlebags

    Preview: The David Gregory Show

    We see you ew scripps.
  8. saddlebags

    Episode 412 - Little Whittle Whistle

    You should seek help. Whether it be a shrink or just calling into beautiful/anonymous.
  9. saddlebags

    Episode 412 - Little Whittle Whistle

    Except their critique was that they didn't find the bit funny. The critique of Cameron is that she's a woman and a lesbian. One is comedic criticism and one is hate speech.
  10. saddlebags

    Episode 412 - Little Whittle Whistle

    I thought dudes liked lesbians.