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    Miami Connection (1987)

    YEEEESSS. this is necessary.
  2. ChristianRuiz

    Freelancers - DeNiro, Forest Whitaker & 50 Cent

    this movie is so bad its hard to watch, not so bad it's good. DeNiro just really doesn't give an eff anymore.
  3. ChristianRuiz


    I LOVE Hackers! It's one of those movies I will always end up watching if its on TV (another being the classic Encino Man). So many great quotes can be pulled from this movie, and it probably has the most realistic depiction of hacking ever. Like ever, that's totally how you hack, by rollerblading everywhere and hiding floppy disks in that place you put that thing that time.
  4. ChristianRuiz


    I feel like you could do an hour long podcast on the trailer alone. This movie is too fantastic.
  5. ChristianRuiz

    Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky

    this movie has a man trying to strangle another man with his own intestines, it is truly a work of art.
  6. ChristianRuiz

    Episode 46 — Barb Wire

    the ending of this podcast, after June said "what do you men want to see" almost killed me. great episode!