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  1. "Mickelson's Ropes - we don't sell the handle, just the rope!"
  2. Even when PFT isn't on the show, it's hard to not imagine him laughing in the background.
  3. I have a flight to catch this morning, and am already feeling bad for the folks sitting next to me, probably wondering why the weird looking dude with headphones on keeps cackling and saying "BRING OUT THE GIRLS!".
  4. Imagining Jesse Ventura chasing a Predator down a hill, screaming "There he goes, he's about to predate on something!" just made my day. Thank you for this podcast, Earwolf.
  5. I'm gonna work on my wife's cabinets when she gets home tonight.
  6. tapejm

    Episode 270 — Off The Grid

    All I had to do is look at the pictures to realize this episode is hilarious.
  7. tapejm

    Episode 262 — 2013 Holiday Spectacular

    I'm glad Zouks took Brahms to task. It's about time.
  8. tapejm

    Episode 259 — Charlotte's Website

    Lauren not being able to get through the song without cracking up is by far the funniest thing in this episode. Joe is great as always, and DAG had some great stories I loved hearing about the In Living Color days. Awesome show.
  9. Not only was this one of the straight up funniest I4Hs ever, the toolbag in the audience getting ejected by Besser was an instant classic as well. That was worth a donation by itself. Thank you Matt, for continuing to fight the good fight.
  10. tapejm

    Episode 115 — Shiza Porn

    I turned this off right after they suggested (in a non-joking manner) that motorcyclists should be allowed to get doored for splitting lanes. Sadly enough, this does happen because of impatient a**holes (who are in no danger themselves) thinking they have to get one over on the guy who's legally getting ahead. And it's also called assault with a deadly weapon.......idiots.