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  1. Here's my two cents on the Louis C.K., "the n-word just puts it in my head" nonsense. OK, it was funny as a bit of stand-up, but here's the reality: Just as there's no good reason for a white person to ever say the n-word, there is also no good reason for a white person to say "the n-word". The only time that shit should ever be necessary is if you are having some kind of conversation about the n-word, like an interesting time you heard it said, or while explaining to a racist why they shouldn't say it. It's a placeholder for that one rare time you do actually have a good reason to say it.
  2. mish_olson

    Episode 3 — Wild Food For Urban People

    It seems pretty likely to me that all this sign was saying is that "People who live in the city have no access to wild fruit, so I will sell it to you!" Just because the dude lives in southern Indiana does not mean he's the type of guy who would say "urban" instead of "black". Unless of course, the farmer was somehow marketing his fruit to black patrons... then it would be racist. I hope Andrew realizes that "needs more context" is as acceptable an answer as "yes" and "no".