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    BONUS: A Conversation with Mel Brooks

    Great conversation! I really want to one day hear him talk more about "The Elephant Man", Mel and David Lynch are two of my favourites, and I'm really curious how they interacted. All I know is that Mel produced the film uncredited so people wouldn't think it was a comedy.
  2. Angry Besser is the best Besser, acting or non.
  3. Probably the first time I ever heard Connee Boswell discussed on any podcast. The Andrews Sisters basically ripped off The Boswell Sisters. (There's some 30's/40's music trivia that nobody asked for.)
  4. Might've been my favourite episode yet, actually spit my drink out at "satire/happytire"... So many good lines in this one.
  5. MattRasch

    Episode 86 — Ernest Goes To Jail

    Grew up watching and loving the Ernest films. Even saw this one in the theatre. So I of course loved to hear it dissected, ha.
  6. http://soundcloud.co...let-me-sleep-in