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  1. GianniRed

    EPISODE 139 — Not Before I Get A Rubbing!

    Indeed. Thomas was a fantastic guest. His dandy-fied take on Winter's perversions was hilarious. I hope he's there next week as well.
  2. GianniRed

    Episode 102 — Tango & Cash

    This film is a prime example of the sort of crazy, "This had to be a joke right?" sort of homoerotisism in the 1980's action genre. If anyone hasn't checked out Ruthless Reviews guide to 1980's action, it's pretty classic. Here's their take on Tango and Cash: http://www.ruthlessr...144/tango-cash/
  3. Good God, why I have never seen this before?! And the first 12 minutes of the podcast are even better. I have to wait until tonight to listen to this, as i got to Giger's entrance and had to stop, since my office discouraged belly laughing. I can't wait for the Pope's entrance. ADPP is hands down a distillation of the best parts of CBB.
  4. GianniRed

    Episode 273 — Vape Cod

    Now this is the CBB I love: a CBB veteran going down the darkest and most twisted rabbit holes, the newby just rolling with it and having a great time, and Scott acting as the glue to keep it together. Please do more of these and less episodes revolving around recurring musical numbers and acronym games. And Jim O'Heir was just fantastic. Would love to get him on with Don Dimelo.
  5. From the first announcement of this series I've been awaiting the Dimello episode. He's by far my favorite Daly charcacter and I hope it's as fantastic as i hope it'll be. Judging by the Dalton and Chip episodes, I will not be disappointed. I just hope one of the guests turns out to be a "chocolate lady" who "has no idea where she is."
  6. GianniRed

    Deadly Prey (1987)

    This film absolutely has to be on the podcast. It's amazing how bad it is. But, unlike "The Room" it's actually possible to watch it and enjoy it.
  7. GianniRed

    The Craft (1996)

    Just thought of this while re-listening to the Fast 6 episode. I would love to hear a Jason vs. June debate on the hotness of Fairuza Balk.
  8. GianniRed

    Episode 72 — SEX CARL

    Yeah, seriously. Was this just a really small crowd, or were they just asleep? It was a great episode.
  9. GianniRed

    Episode BO2013.4 — Best of 2013 Pt 4

    I was pretty disappointed as well, but I suppose there wasn't time. Andy Daly's character's are always just amazing. The sheer depravity of his characters never fails to make me laugh. It was a very strong year, and while I had hoped "Halfway to China" would be #1, I can't begrudge the one that did. In any event, am looking forward to hearing Andy's new podcast cavalcade of the characters we've come to know and love/fear. The Don Dimello episode alone should be amazing.
  10. GianniRed

    Episode 254 — LIVE from Comedy Gives Back

    Holy Crap. I will listen to anything with Andy Daly in it, but combine his with Zach and David? My hat is off to you.
  11. GianniRed

    Episode 5 — New Posse

    This was amazing. Definitely going to take that advice on fighting dogs.
  12. Overall a great episode, with Leo Carpazzi and "Monster Fuck, Part 2" being particular highlights. Steven was great too, glad to see him back on the show. I like Paul Rust,and usually enjoy him on the show. But on this episode? His character's interactions with the other guests were pretty good but by the 3rd or 4th time he did the whole "CREEEEEPY" line I was praying for someone to deck him. It was like fingernails on the chalkboard every time.
  13. Conal Cochran is the real name of the character known only as "The Old Man" in Robocop. He's the CEO of Omni Consumer Products and that explains where Silver Shamrock got the funding for its massive advertising campaign, not to mention the technical know-how to produce those robot people. Seriously though, they're played by the same guy (Daniel O'Herlihy), who was actually born and raised in Ireland, so I guess that accent wasn't a fake one. Another funny tidbit, his son was Gavin O'Herlihy, whose most famous roles is probably as the murderous gang leader in the Charles Bronson classic, "Death Wish III"
  14. GianniRed

    Episode 73 — Congo

    Ditto. I got on a real Crichton reading kick after I saw Jurassic Park and read through all of his earlier stuff. Congo was one of my favorites. I was very excited for this flick, but man was it a disappointment to my 15-year old self. It's like the screenwriter took the basic beats of the movie, threw out any of the technical stuff, shifted the focus to the damn talking gorilla, and rounded it off with a set piece monster-killing scene. They lost a lot of good stuff, like the scene in the book they find a way to make peace with the grey gorillas and leave Zsinj, and later have an encounter with the ghost tribe(who throw poop at them). And yeah, I think I unconsciously blocked it out before, but now that Jason mentioned it, Peter was definitely banging that gorilla.
  15. Wow, congrats on a great year Jake. THis has become one of my top 3 podcasts. A great selection of the "Best of..." So happy that some of my favorites, including "Diddly Squat", and "Singing Shower Dude" made it in. "bread and butter" would have been awesome, but I understand that it'd take up too much time. Here's to many more.