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    Is it hand gliding or hang gliding?
    ..I do both.
  1. RocHoover

    Episode 183 - Employee Reviews, Our Useful Tool

    You do realize that you just confessed to taking more than hour for lunch? I trust that your supervisor is not a member of the EFC (Earwolf Forum Community). Please be careful!
  2. RocHoover

    Episode 183 - Employee Reviews, Our Useful Tool

    "We are at nominal" - Engineer Codyboy
  3. RocHoover

    Episode 183 - Employee Reviews, Our Useful Tool

    The guys at HH (Hollywood Handbook) are REALLY starting to get comfortable in the podcast format. They are just now getting into their groove. Definitely in the top 20 of Earwolf Podcasts... NOT! More like #1!
  4. Also; Kirsten Dunston Checks In
  5. You can tell that the two guests thought our boys Sean and Haze are total HUNKS. They could hardly concentrate on their crystals and magic stones.
  6. Don't worry.. You will get the hang of this Internet stuff. You did get the avatar thing squared away so that is a positive to build on
  7. I am changing my battle cry to "Agata!".
  8. RocHoover

    Episode 157 - Adam Pally, Our Bumper Recorder

    Best bumpers of all time If yall weren't watching Saturday morning TV from 87-93 then you ain't nothing but a trick ass bitch. And fuck yall for not letting me post a third video.
  9. RocHoover


    Don't understate it.. When some of your stature dies it is never a personal death.. We will all die as a community.
  10. I had always heard there was a whacky food based sequel to 80s movie classic: Explorers.
  11. Brandon's laugh does not match his voice and it freaks me the fuck out.
  12. Asking because I am possibly interested...
  13. Dirty as in you are still sensual and have sexual desires that are uncommon for an older woman? Or dirty as in once a week bathing sessions as is common for people over 70?
  14. My fat and assy football team is a train wreck so far this year