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  1. Erin -- According to twitter you were born with a tail. That’s kind of gross, and a little scary. Won’t you have to get this appendage removed, in order to succeed in Hollywood? or are you just banking on another tail discrimination lawsuit?
  2. yes. and if he could try to look like labyrinth bowie next, that would be good and fun.
  3. Ms. Sodaro -- Monsters University? Why would you teach them?!
  4. Who even knows what the 30th Rock from the Sun even IS? Why'd you think that would be good show title?
  5. MattBlack

    Episode 204.5 β€” 10/31/14 TWO CHARTED 143

    Kulap doing that voice damn near broke my brain. Almost had to stop listening.
  6. Birthday boys: What do you want for your birthdays? Did you like the gift that Sean got you for your last one? I'm not sure he put much thought into it, but he's kind of a busy guy.
  7. Is Kraft make a special mac and cheese just for Hollywood? How do stars stay so thin eating Kraft services so much? I want to be like Hollywood, but all this mac and cheese is making me fat.
  8. A rageful Sinbad is a scary thought.
  9. You served in the US Air Force. Semper fi, soldier? Are there days when you just want to give up all the glitz and glamor of hollywood and re-enlist?
  10. I'll soldier through because of the laffs, but the episode playing in the background makes this a really unpleasant listening experience.
  11. MattBlack

    Episode 183 β€” Student Athlete

    So happy that Howard's back. The show is not the show without him.
  12. David, you're married to Zimby Hartdig, star of Childs Hospital. Recently I noticed you're also listed in that show's credits, in some role I can only assume you won through nepotism. What gives? Have you no shame?
  13. At the very end of this week's improv4humans, we learn that the owner of Google donated a million dollars to Hollywood Handbook! (and also bought some stupid table??). Besser was pissed. Hayes probably isn't too happy either, because apparently Sean pocketed the whole thing.
  14. As someone who was a little on the fence about buying the pro version, let me tell you -- it is so worth it.