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  1. Jamie Power

    Episode 170 - Bratz

    There were more but I can't remember right now.
  2. Jamie Power

    Episode 170 - Bratz

    It's always a bad sign when a film can't secure the rights to a piece of music, but instead of abandoning it they create a legally above board soundalike piece of music. Like uncanny valley for your ears. http://youtu.be/-LvxkaGnNdY
  3. Jamie Power

    Episode 167 - Chopping Mall: LIVE!

    I came to the forum to remark on the alarm thing. Multiple store front windows smashed and no alarms. Not even a silent alarm that alerts the killbots that a specific store has been broken into. Seems like a strange omission considering the insane level of security otherwise. Was this technology not invented yet in 1986?
  4. Jamie Power

    Episode 159.5 - Minisode 159.5

    The watercolour looks to be Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, right?
  5. Jamie Power

    Episode 159 - Sleepwalkers

    Maybe on top of all their powers and whatnot they're also afflicted with harmless episodes of sleepwalking, and they just choose to identify with that rather than the cat stuff.
  6. Jamie Power

    Episode 159 - Sleepwalkers

    One of my lingering questions is from the rapid fire transformation freakout scene in the car. The first thing he transforms into appears to be a very young boy. Does this mean the sleepwalkers can transform into kids?
  7. Jamie Power

    Episode 159 - Sleepwalkers

    I also thought that 'mother' and 'son' were used in the vampiric sense, and that at some point in the past she turned a human man into a sleepwalker. If I remember Buffy and Angel correctly Darla sired Angelus, but they also had a romantic relationship and went to bone town on a number of occasions. But then they were worried about being the last of their species. If they reproduced through 'siring' then they could just go out and make more sleepwalkers. My current position is that they are in fact mother and son, and they show familial affection in ways that seem very sexual from our narrow human perspective. Maybe we should judging these poor animals just for having a bit of innocent mom 'n' son cuddle time.
  8. Jamie Power

    xXx: Return of Xander Cage (2017)

    I'm guessing it had some kind of significance in previous films (which I haven't seen) but that ridiculous jacket made Vin Diesel look like Tom Hardy's Bane if he was a pimp.
  9. Jamie Power

    Episode 146 - Dreamcatcher

    Was anyone else impressed by Timothy Olyphant's dick calligraphy? He can pee in the snow in perfect cursive! His dickwriting is genuinely better than my handwriting. Also I feel like this film was trying much too hard to make SSDD a thing.
  10. Jamie Power

    Episode 143 - Gods of Egypt

    Or Gerard Butler, once he's under HDTGM management. I feel he portrays anger well.
  11. Jamie Power

    Episode 139.5 - Minisode 139.5

    I'm almost certain the lack of Gilmore Girls S7 was purposeful. Gillies know what I'm talkin bout.
  12. Jamie Power

    Episode 139 - Simply Irresistible

    I turned 29 yesterday! One year younger exactly. I enjoy the neatness of that. Anyway, carry on everyone...
  13. Jamie Power

    Episode 139 - Simply Irresistible

    This is more moving than the romance in Simply Irresistible.
  14. Jamie Power

    Episode 139 - Simply Irresistible

    Weird poultry stuff is really becoming a trope in HDTGM. Did anyone else, in the midst of all the crab discussion, start to find the sound of the word "crab" inherently hilarious? It was like the Gyooby situation all over again for me.