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  1. GrahamCox

    Episode 73 — Congo

    Something from my childhood that stuck with me about Congo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyK5E8JbaC0
  2. GrahamCox

    Freddie Wong #175

    Awesome! I love Freddie W! He's literally the reason why I started doing VFX and motion graphics, and now I have a job thanks to his inspiration. Great guest!
  3. GrahamCox

    Episode 134 — Sneak In Tips

    I barefoot run! I thought it was some fad until I realized my knees weren't hurting anymore as I galloped around. The trick is to never let your heels touch the ground and just keep on the balls of your feet... I then broke both my ankles running 7 miles a day doing this but... uhh.. I messed up..
  4. First time listening to this podcast! It's really great! Love these videos... so cringeworthy
  5. GrahamCox

    Episode 110.5 — 1/11/13 TWO CHARTED 49

    Clench on clench on clench! Clenchception? I wonder if clench is some form of anxiety or stress since a lot of people clench their jaws with stress. Acupuncture the jaw!!!
  6. Whoaaaa. Jeff and Larry?! You guys... just made earwolf explode. This is so awesome! I'm loving all these new additions to the network!
  7. GrahamCox

    Episode 110 — Single Guy Vibe

    Kremer!!! Get the eye surgery!!! I had it done and let me tell you... I was smiling the whole time through. It's like a light show inside your head. You feel nothing during the operation, you get a relaxer so everything is chill, then they do some fun stuff to your eye then boom...lasers. Orange lasers and visuals you'd never see anywhere else and then right away you can see better! If you want to have the ultimate summah - DO IT! I now have 20/15 vision instead of not being able to read anything 11 inches in front of me. Hope this helps a bit !
  8. GrahamCox

    Episode 190 — You Know What I Mean?

    Was that an old stella reference with the white beard in the clouds set up?!
  9. GrahamCox

    Episode 105 — Chart Remix!

    Do you think that woman in the theater was LIVE TWEETING? Maybe that's why she wanted to talk about it after the movie. She should have turned her brightness way down though if that was the case...../.....sit in the way back. Boo movie goer boooo
  10. GrahamCox

    Episode 2 — Roll For Your Fate

    This is one of my favorite earwolf podcast now! I loooove D&D skirmishes ever since I listened to the Penny-Arcade + Wil Wheaton adventures. This one so far is gold. GOLD. I'd love to see some crudely drawn portraits of all your characters by each person! Make it happen! Or at least the dick maps. All the dick maps.
  11. I went into this movie with my feet dragging as I was forced to go from a thanksgiving tradition my girlfriends family/friends have. I've seen the first two and they were just bad... but this..... WAS SO GOOD, mostly because it was BONKERS. The twist? amazing. Eating a cougar? Amazing. Arm wrestling? Over the TOP. (edit: oh.. you guys made that joke too... prob should listen to the whole thing before I try to make wakka wakkas) Sparkle orgasm, abrecombie ad ending montage, bad CG (and baby), corny lines, an epic battle that never happens, and oh so much more. I'd rank this movie up with the room and troll 2 easily. It's that bad. In a movie that did NOT need part 1 or 2 (just combine them!..oh wait, $$$) this ending to a series just felt like a 'fuck it' in the editing room, but whatever magic happened in there sure did come out on screen as a masterpiece of horribleness. I've never had a more laugh out loud time at a theater in a long while and I even felt a little guilty as I noticed 20 somethings behind me were crying towards the end.
  12. GrahamCox

    Episode 48 — Sleepaway Camp

    Totally late for posting on this one but....DAMN... I enjoyed this movie far more than I thought I would. Crazy freaky at the end. It horrified my girlfriend while I just sat there jaw dropped and smiling because I could not believe what I was watching. The movie wasn't really that bad either. It was insane, yes, but not horrible. The pointless scenes like the baseball trash talking I think DID have a point. I think what the director wanted to do was to give a motive to mostly the whole camp for 'who is the murderer'. I mean..... It's pretty obvious who was killing everyone, but the REAL twist was......something else...... So I understand these random pointless scenes, but it was just predictable. Fuck. this movie rules.
  13. GrahamCox

    Episode 47 — Super Mario Bros: LIVE

    I remember as a kid being so depressed that there were NO powers in this movie. Where is the classic fireball power?! Didn't this movie come out when there were THREE mario bros games out for the NES?! Hell, maybe even super mario for SNES was out, yet who needs to use source material when you can get a goomba playing a harmonica. Marijuana tea makes this movie a 5/5 star instant classic