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    Episode 167.5 - Minisode 167.5

    I tapped out to hard ticket to hawaii at the 1 hour mark thinking I've seen enough. Then decided that I might as well power through the last 35 mins. When I encountered the biggest gem in the movie: Pervert producer: They want you to interview the lady golfer Muffy Fremont. Douche host: No, she's so stupid she went home to study for her pap test. What the serious fuck?
  2. Juggermax

    Episode 167.5 - Minisode 167.5

    Watching Hard ticket to Hawaii. While the movie is total shit, for some reason the aviation scenes are shockingly accurate. When they are inspecting the plane, doing the pre flight tests and radio call are all text book aviation. It seems the only part of the movie they paid attention to.
  3. Juggermax

    The House trailer

    Congrats Zouks. Looks hilarious
  4. Juggermax

    Paywall Special Announcement

    Anyone think this was paywall related?
  5. Juggermax

    Paywall Special Announcement

    Been waiting for or this shoe to drop for sometime now. Storage of old episodes will become a major issue for all the long running podcasts you hold dear. Hosting 100s of gigs of content and the bandwidth it takes to download it costs money. Personally, I dont mind it. Paywall is a sign of success and longevity in the podcast business. Whether is fair or they turn a profit or not is not really the issue. Personally I hope the people who make all this content get some financial reward from it. People have been trying to monetize podcasts for a while now and only we the listeners will decide whether it will be successful or not. In this economy we all vote with our dollars. $30 a year might be an unnecessary expense but, it might make the medium better. Also Paul will no longer have an excuse for posting episodes late.
  6. Spotted at costco. They claim its coconut oil but, we all know Mantzoukas better than that.
  7. Juggermax

    Episode 148 - Vampire's Kiss: LIVE!

    Did anyone else feel that David Hyde Pierce's cameo this movie was a tie in to the movie Wolf with Jack Nicholson? Was Vampire's kiss and Wolf in the same universe?
  8. Juggermax

    Episode 144 - Stealth

    Did anyone else feel that Extra Deep Invader (E.D.I) could have been an awesome porn name?
  9. Juggermax

    Episode 143.5 - Minisode 143.5

    He has that Peyton Manning appeal. He's incredibly paste-y and has mild charisma but, if he has a decent skill set in something it would make him somewhat more appealing
  10. Juggermax

    Episode 143.5 - Minisode 143.5

    What if the swerve of this movie was that the AI that was supposed to be EDI actually wrote this script?
  11. Juggermax

    Episode 143.5 - Minisode 143.5

    Best way to combat terrorism? Knock down their twin towers
  12. Juggermax

    Episode 143.5 - Minisode 143.5

    Depends on if this movie makes it to the podcast. It seems that Rob Cohen movies always get switched out at the last second. Scott Aukerman watched Alex Cross before they switched it on him at the last second to Sharknado. And I watched Dragonheart before I knew that it was switched out for the other Rob cohen classic boy next door. This movie had to have been filmed at least 2 years before its release. The CGI is terrible for 2005 standards. Also was this the beginning of the Hollywood's Josh Lucas as a leading man experiment?
  13. Juggermax

    Episode 142.5 - Minisode 142.5

    I kinda agree but, Tommy Blacha moved on. We should as well. Also for gods of egypt I kinda wished that Meshach Taylor from mannequin 2 would have been Thoth
  14. Juggermax

    Episode 142.5 - Minisode 142.5

    With all the CG they used in this movie, does anybody else feel that this movie would have been better with a CG Charlton Heston as the lead?
  15. Juggermax

    Cradle 2 the Grave (2003)

    It seems DMX gets sidetracked a lot with remote control toys. I think they can do a series of podcasts on DMX movies