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  1. TruePedant

    Episode 274 — Oh, Golly!

    It's kind of hard to make a case for any of them being on Team Good. I agree Anti-Evil is probably more accurate. (That's all of them now I believe, I missed one out because I forgot to count Gil/Golly when I counted.)
  2. TruePedant

    Episode 272 — Sex Party Season

    She went into more detail on an episode of Who Charted. I loved the fact she kept it up, it took me a second to remember
  3. TruePedant

    Episode 21 — Parallel Thinking

    One of the best examples of 'parallel thinking' is sheep simultaneously figuring out how to cross cattle grids in England and Australia, after years of not being able to. Alexander Graham Bell knew other people were trying to come up with a telephone, like Edison knew the light bulb had already been invented. I always thought Deep Impact/Armageddon came about because the world was supposed to end in 2000.
  4. TruePedant

    What guest do you want to see?

    Jay Johnston, Laura Silverman, Tom Kenny, Mary Birdsong, John Ennis, H Jon Benjamin, Jack Black, *Blaine Capatch Kerri Kenney, Graham Elwood, Sean Conroy, Billy Merritt, John Ross Bowie, Kevin Pollack, Samm Levine, Chris Elliot, Norm MacDonald, Dave Attell, Bob Einstein,
  5. I understand this is not what is happening, but would it be possible/legal for NNF to release all seasons for free? Just curious not feeling robbed or anything
  6. TruePedant

    Episode 312 — Anglocentrism

    Immediately comparing it to white history vs black history is because of Anglocentrism surely?
  7. TruePedant

    List of Scott's Frequently Repeated Phrases

    Shame I just noticed this now, we have been making a list on the CBB wiki http://comedybangban...Recurring_Jokes, still incomplete but I will be sure to add any more from this list. A few I think you missed: Ghost Burgers How you weigh? Maybe it's just me, but for me We don't have to ask if we can ask a question.
  8. TruePedant

    Episode BO2013.4 — Best of 2013 Pt 4

    I enjoyed the Best of episodes and I at least considered voting for most of the 15 episodes that won, I was surprised that Lauren Lapkus and Horatio Sanz (Edit: and who can forget Jon Gabrus) didn't get an honourable mention for there first full year, I was thinking maybe next year the bonus clips could be like the Best of 2010 with categories such as Best New Guest, Best New Character, Best Debut, Best Non-Character Episode etc. just a suggestion. PS I thought Marissa would have finally Womped it up to number one but can't really complain about anything.
  9. TruePedant

    Episode BO2013.1 — Best of 2013 Pt 1

    "Judge Judy and Executioner" is from Hot Fuzz/The Simpsons
  10. TruePedant


    Is Kim Kardashian an actress now? What is the world coming to? (Not Kim Kardashian anymore it seems)
  11. TruePedant

    Trying to find a September 11 joke

    The 9/11 quote that came to mind is from the often repeated introduction to the very first episode: "While introducing Tom, Scott calls Reno 911! "Reno 9/11." Tom corrects him, saying "We try not to invoke the worst tragedy in the history of the USA when talking about the show." He briefly wonders whether Pearl Harbor had a bigger death count, which leads Scott to ask if they ever thought about calling the show Reno Pearl Harbor."
  12. TruePedant

    Episode 13 — Defending Your Shitty Taste

    Before the Beatles George Martin was producer for the Goon Show with Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers and Harry Secombe which Monty Python credit as their inspiration, I personally don't think silly is a negative thing.
  13. TruePedant

    Comedy Bang! Bang! Wikia

    Hi, I just wanted to let people know, there is a Comedy Bang! Bang! Wikipedia. As with all wikis there is still work to be done as the intention is to eventually have a summary of each episode, although there is quite a lot of information already and it has been helpful for me. http://comedybangbang.wikia.com P.S I am not the creator.
  14. TruePedant

    Episode 192 — Best of 2012 Pt 1

    'Spoiler Alert' well done you were exactly right apart from Time Bobby and New No Nos being the other way round
  15. TruePedant

    Earwolf at Edinburgh

    Obviously this is of no use now but Janeane Garofalo was there as well, I went to see Simon Munnery and David O'Doherty, I saw Eddie Pepitone and Stewart Lee last year, this topic is a good idea though because you never know who will be there so it's hard to know who you are missing.