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    EPISODE 124 - Hackers

    Just finished and loved the episode. I haven't seen Hackers in years but watching it and listening to the episode brought back a lot of nostalgia I was not aware I had for this movie! An amount of nostalgia on par with Masters'. I'm excited that they might coincidentally cover a string of movies I watched waaaay too many times as a kid! Also, can't wait to make my website with Audible.
  2. I genuinely did read through everything to make sure my points hadn't already been brought up! I used to post on forums a lot more and that would drive me mad. A full conversation about something and someone chimes in at the end like, "hey, I don't know if this has been brought up what about this thing?" and it's the same things as three pages worth of conversation.
  3. I was wary going into this that my love for TMNT 2 from when I watched it over and over as a kid would have me too defensive of the movie to enjoy the episode, but it's great to have them all together along with Adam Pally, who's always hilarious! Although, I was surprised they didn't mention two moments of genuine, good comedy. Omission 1: Splinter has scolded them for not being very ninja-like and has Michelangelo do a bunch of backflips. He heads of to do them and we see him start and for the rest of the scene we can hear him do them in the background. Until Leo walks off and the camera pans along with him to reveal Mikey in the background just clapping his hands and counting. He realises he's caught and starts again. Even now that's still pretty funny. Omission 2: The turtles have broken into the foot's lair looking for Raph. They get in and there's a bit of dialogue, "seems quiet…" to which one of the turtles replies, "…a little too quiet". They continue and come across two gaurds. Knocking them out they comment, "huh, that was easy…", "a little too easy". When they finally spot Raph, donatello says, "Look! There's Raph!", to which Mikey replies, "…a little too Raph" That's genuinely one of my favourite jokes!
  4. TomLennon{NotThatTomLennon}

    Rugs Bag

    Can't remember which one it was, but I remember thinking a plugs theme was so good that it made me want to try one. So here it is! Enjoy, and thanks for listening! https://soundcloud.c...nnont/plugs-bag