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    Episode 48 — Sleepaway Camp

    Sorry, I was trying to delete this...
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    Episode 48 — Sleepaway Camp

    What are we even talking about here? The flashback to the brother and sister in bed was literally only the young boy pointing at the sister. He never even touched her. I think if we were to infer that the two children were being incestuous, it would have been a little more overt than that, considering how explicit the rest of the film is. The two kids were like 8 years old, so I am choosing to infer that the shot was about the gender identity issues; he is literally pointing at the persona that he is likely to become. I don't think that event, of the two children in bed together, actually ever happened but was an artistic rendering of the two identities merging into one. Ugh... By the way, the most disturbing scene to me was the water balloon fight scene. When the camera cuts back, and you see how high all those boys are up from the ground with no padding or clothing on...I sort of can't believe that someone didn't fall and break their body, considering the roof was wet. It's one thing to make a crappy film, it's worse when you clearly have no regard for your child actors' safety.
  3. DavidPetrison

    Episode 48 — Sleepaway Camp

    OK, Angela and Ricky (the main two characters) are about the same age. Therefore, it is obvious that Ricky did not know Angela before the accident, or else he would know Angela's terrifying secret. I think it's pretty clear from the movie that he doesn't. Thus, Ricky's mom was not likely the "Doc" in question at the beginning of the film. It is likely that Ricky's mom and Angela's dad were brother and sister, but did not see each other often enough for their kids to know each other. So, Ricky's mom just happened to have a husband that at one point left, and Angela's dad just happened to have two kids with a woman that was no longer in the picture. I very much doubt that the gay lover was anyone that Ricky's mom knew. He was likely unrelated to the kids in any way, or else he would have probably gotten custody. I also don't think there was any incest in the movie whatsoever. The dad and his lover were just sort of normal, and the kids were laughing at them because it was the 1980s, and two men together was h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s. The scene in the bed between the brother and sister was just a game the two kids were playing, while simultaneously working as an allegory for the brother's gender identity issues. I don't think incest played any part here.
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    The Apple (1980)

    Ok, guys, I just looked through the entire forum and was in disbelief that no one has mentioned this classic 1980 science-fiction musical. The time is the not-so-distant future of 1994. America has devolved into a pseudo-dictatorship, and the pop music industry has taken over all aspects of government and politics. A male/female singing group (Alphie and Bibi) come from Moosejaw, Saskatchewa in Canada to perform at the Worldvision Song Festival. The audience at first despises the musicians, largely because the music has guitar and vocal harmonies and isn't like the 1994-version of disco everyone listens to. After heckling the musicians, they immediately realize that they love the music, and the producers of the contest are able to track this love using an instant rating device that keeps track of the emotional readout of everyone in the world. Realizing that this unpredictable group might win, they cut the power, and the BIM (Boomalow International Music group) beats them, since Mr. Boomalow is in charge of everything. A riot insues, as everyone blames Alphie and Bibi for no longer being able to hear the music without electricity. Meanwhile, the entirety of the US is turning into a dictatorship. Everyone must wear the same clothes, wearing symbols on their clothing reflecting their nation and their alliance to Mr. Boomalow, wherein mass conformity is the norm. They also must at a certain point each day, do a collaborative dance number wherein everyone in the country, including doctors in the middle of surgery, must stop what they are doing and do some synchronized dancing. The BIM come to Alphie and Bibi, hoping to sign them to their record label, wherein they lose all rights and must perform the songs that are written for them in the exact way the studio wants them to. Alphie gets angry and storms off, but due to a drug-fueled musical hallucination, Bibi decides to sign the contract and become an instant star, but in turn loves everything. Alphie suffers a tragic breakdown, realizing he will never find success and that the music industry has taken his true love away as well. This is one of those movies that manages to outdo its own insanity in every subsequent scene. The musical numbers are memorable only for their awfulness, the lyrics are unintelligible, the sets and costumes are gawdy, and the plot is incoherent. To top it all off, the entire film is also a religious allegory. So there's that. I want to hear this movie on How Did This Get Made just so I can figure out what was going on in this movie.