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  1. What can I say to start this worthy thread! This film has it all Charlie Sheen, Nick Cassavetes, Sherilyn Fenn, Randy Quaid and Clint Howard!!!!!, I really hope people out there know this movie - I remember its genius from my teens and think it has everything a good HDTGM film needs. It's got fast cars, ridiculous plot, side boob and an overall concept that quite frankly leaves you asking the question, maybe it is really possible that Charlie Sheen could actually be a ghost car fighting for those less fortunate and unable to afford the payments on a nice car! Please discuss!
  2. Rich76

    Slaughter High

    Love this movie - has a 30 odd year old Caroline (I was In Sinbad and a Bond film) Monroe playing a teenager!! The strange thing is I never remember this being a British movie - will have to re-visit this one for definite. This one makes me remember my mis-spent youth working in a video store. Good shout my friend. Take a trip through the halls of horror!
  3. Rich76

    The Wraith (1986)

    I just watched the video on YouTube - it's amazing Tim is rocking it in his 80's white jump suit and wizard coat! What the f**k are those moves he is pulling at the start, its like a cross between capoeira and a stroke. I still love this movie mind - though the more I think about it I think it was more like an episode of night rider with side boob! Thanks for the heads up - really made me smile!
  4. Rich76

    Hell Comes to Frogtown (1988)

    This is so weird - I actually thought about this movie today whilst I was listening to the Super Mario HDTGM! Sadly I saw this film when it was released straight to video in the UK many, many years ago! I totally agree this is a great film to do - RP is a classic BMovie star and I love him in They Live as well (very under-rated) Then concept of this movie is utterly bonkers, I fear not enough people have seen this to warrant a good discussion. I'm just glad at least three have us have seen this! Eat lead Froggies!!!!
  5. Rich76

    Episode 48 — Sleepaway Camp

    This is the first post I've made after loving HDTGM since discovering it only a month ago and it's also the first movie I had not heard of that you guys covered and I wanted to share. I'm sure people have already done this, but after IMDBing the film I also learnt that star Fellisa Rose is back next year in a new would be hit movie entitled? Big Fat Ethel!!!!! With the tag line "Kills for Meals" I may save Sleepaway Camp for then and do a double bill as I have a feeling BFE will only get a limited cinema release. Loving the show from Wales keep up the good work! - oh by the way how about Sex in the City 2 - only ever seen the trailer but I figured that was enough to pass reasonable judgement!