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  1. jarrycanada

    Episode 154.5 - Minisode 154.5

    it's a movie! get over it. you guys are over analyzing everything in a film. a very good one at that. one of his best movies he's ever make btw, He's not raping anyone.
  2. jarrycanada

    Episode 154.5 - Minisode 154.5

    I was just making a joke, but it is a fictional movie about a double o seven spy who uses any means to get what he wants. you don't feel bad about all the people he kills along the way to get his way, done do you? it's just a movie and people need to remember that. it's no more realtistic then the fact the james bond drinks vodka none stop and only ever eats fish eggs.. the guy would be dead in the real world. I am sorry it upset you.
  3. jarrycanada

    Episode 154.5 - Minisode 154.5

    I don't see why not but then again it's hard to make fun of a persons movie in front of them. Not that I think he would care or be upset about it. but i miss the good old days of the show when someone involved into the film project would guest host on the show.
  4. jarrycanada

    Episode 154.5 - Minisode 154.5

    watching movie bitches now. is that part of La la land that really pissed me off too, that you could not understand any words to any of the songs. and on that note, I am calling the Jazz police! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qN9u3DlbnV4
  5. jarrycanada

    Episode 154.5 - Minisode 154.5

    Don't feel so bad, I've never heard of it before. Watching Movie bitches now, about la la land, love it or hate it. it's going to win and clean up.
  6. jarrycanada

    Episode 154.5 - Minisode 154.5

    Hello, my drag name is sticky peaches!
  7. jarrycanada

    Episode 154.5 - Minisode 154.5

    did you say Johnny cage? is that Nicolas Cage long lost son? dunkin donuts? whats that! He means drunken donuts doesn't he.
  8. jarrycanada

    Musical Mondays--Rotation and Sign Up

    for your consideration . The Pirate Movie Stars: Kristy McNichol, Christopher Atkins, Ted Hamilton there you go.
  9. still haven't seen that movie yet... superman vs ben affleck in a batman suit.
  10. jarrycanada

    Musical Mondays-Week 4-Beauty and the Beast

    Really wish I could find a online video of Ron Perlman singing Beauty and the Beast Drunk karaoke style, if you've never listen to the nerdist podcast Ron Perlman as a guest, he talks about his love for karaoke and frank sinatra. that would be a Beauty and the Beast movie/ song event I could enjoy. I think i would piss my pants if I heard Ron Perlman singing Beauty and the Beast in a bar.
  11. jarrycanada

    Oscar pool 2017

    missing end credits music for Hacksaw Ridge LOL. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wp43OdtAAkM I am going up that hill and I am saving one more!!! I really enjoyed "Moonlight" last night I got to see it and it was nothing like what I had expected it to be. my only problem with it is why do the drug dealer not teach the kid how to fight? i mean the one thing he could teach this kid how to do real well is to stand up for him self and he just did nothing but sell his mother drugs. and offer him some fried chicken. Ohh boy.
  12. Come into these gentle waters and have your sins forgiven brother! https://youtu.be/ujX8OPlS5m0?t=1m38s 2 min mark, I can't get the google youtube to start to play the moment I would like. if anyone's figured that out please let me know. Still getting that connection not secure thing with firefox, strange. big red X. I have no bones to pick with anyone who walks the path of god. no matter what that god looks like to you in your eyes.
  13. Not sure if this will work in the states http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsL_TAfQxH8 but if you get that message saying this is not available in your country then now you know how it feels.
  14. this will clear things up then