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  1. Guys Moore's diary says there was only 1 hairdresser on the set in Jamaica for Live and Let Die. When referring to Coral Jr., Roger Moore says "Meet the man who shares my hairbrush," which has always puzzled everyone because it's not really a phrase. BUT WAS IT JUST A WEIRD META JOKE ROGER MOORE FOUND FUNNY AT THE TIME? I need to put this mystery to bed.
  2. mrsprowl

    Episode 184 - Drew Tarver, Our Close Friend

    Yo did anyone listen to the Best Show where Tom mentioned Hayes and Sean are on SNL this Saturday? Can't tell if it was a goof or not, it's hard to tell. Any ideas?
  3. So I cut out the Chart theme song, just letting the engineers know to save them some work for this soon-to-be recurring segment. https://soundcloud.com/symyr/hollywood-handbook-intro-to-chart-segment
  4. mrsprowl

    Episode 171 - Chris Bannon, Our Close Boss

    Very worried we've been hearing less and less from Vladislav these past few episodes.
  5. mrsprowl

    Episode 167 - Ben Rodgers, Our Boo 2016 Friend

    A little upset my personal reason for booing 2016 didn't get covered, but Peyton Manning did retire awhile ago and I can see how some people forgot about it.
  6. Guys I'm coming all the way to L.A. from Indiana tomorrow and I'm going to a music festival. My return flight leaves at 11 p.m. on Sunday, and I'm sooooooo close to being able to see Clemdawg in Shitty Jobs at 9:30 p.m. Can anyone contact the improv group and ask them to come to the music festival with me so I can have a whole weekend with them? Seems only fair since I can't see their show.
  7. Hey if anyone needs the promo code for Comma Door Sean's 5 5 Club I'll share mine with you. Thanks! http://i.imgur.com/sLXV3hL.png
  8. Also, is it awesome to beFacebook friends with Hayes and Sean? Or is it a "don't meet your heroes" situation?
  9. Guys I think there's an Andrew impostor.
  10. Once I googled "best way to do butt stuff" and my door got kicked in ten minutes later by a burglar. Seemingly unrelated, but I know what's really going on.
  11. mrsprowl

    Bad Commercials

    Saw a Hot Pocket commercial that sucked ass.