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    R.I.P. Harris Wittels

    I think Sarah Silverman said it best when she said "his heart was big and he FELT hard. That he was someone who would reach out to tell you he was thinking of you for no particular reason". That's what I always got from his humour. He was bright he was sweet he was.... the comedic Man's Man without even trying,
  2. I knew him from PFT's "The Dead Authors Podcast" and looked his other stuff up since then. The Andy Daly and Matt Gourley combination sometimes including PFT in this podcast was a dream come true. Just have a look at this:
  3. DrKrieger

    Character Drawings

    Wow! The talent here and in the other posts is extraordinary! I hope Earwolf jumps on the chance to put this into a comic book with all the artists here. Think about it! Cut down some stuff and you'll have something completely new: A comic book based on improv from a D&D podcast owned by Earwolf. Episodes are not based on writers, just on a DM and the Players decision. Comedy Bang Bang made it into a great TV show.... this is so much easier!
  4. DrKrieger

    Episode 65 β€” The Cavern Explosion

    You BASTARD....now I'm thinking about how he can't reach Glinishmoore for the last time to see it with his own eyes and save them all. It's my podcast "Red Wedding" GRRM==Sark EDIT: And Brian telling the group (and his wife) how much fun he had with Damian was awesome. Judas, bring him back! As a Cleric....dun dun duuuun!
  5. DrKrieger

    Episode 65 β€” The Cavern Explosion

    Brutal! Still, I loved every second of this episode. The "death sequence" of Sir Richard was epic. Don't know if you thought about that before or if you made it up on the spot, but it had me almost in tears.... I said almost....stop looking at me..... I'm not crying..... just cooling my sking . EDIT: Sark, the group is still in the tower, right? They are under a spell by the old guy just seeing their future, right? RIGHT?
  6. DrKrieger

    Episode 31 β€” Jazz

    I love this podcast. It's like a fine wine or a Bouillabaisse (French pronunciation: ​[bu.ja.bɛːs]....Bouillabaisse originally was a stew made by Marseille fishermen using the bony rockfish which they were unable to sell to restaurants or markets.
  7. I think this episode is even better than the 2nd. Maybe it's because I'm german ;P The song btw is fantastic and I want to buy it now.....to whom and where do I throw my money at?
  8. Fantastic pilot episode! I have no words for how great this was.
  9. DrKrieger

    Episode 61 β€” The Scream in the Cave

    Such glory! The music was a nice touch! Paladins...
  10. DrKrieger

    Episode 60 β€” The Man Rats

    Sark.... you know Blacky Green Charisma is an automatic block to botches, right? I just want you to remember while my gun is pointed at your cat and Chokebot has your dog!
  11. I do tip Mr. Besser.... I do tip . Why do we germans get so much hate.... oh... right. Loved this episode! Voted for your show on the AV-Club Best off 2013 poll. Sad you weren't in their top 10. On the other hand, I would't have started listening if podmass didn't had you almost always in "The Best" category of the week.
  12. DrKrieger

    Character Drawings

    Wow! That Blacky Green charisma is kind of attacking me. And when I see the Damien picture I want to scream Metal in the highest Manowar pitch I can.... holy shit! Why does this one look like an irish family trip? (Love it) Fantastic job!
  13. DrKrieger

    Episode 53 β€” Parn's Village

    Also: Always love me some Cookie Monster vokals from Sark!
  14. DrKrieger

    Episode 53 β€” Parn's Village

    Great job Sark! Loved the "Oh no"-cry of Sarah (and how pissed she was.... I can completely understand why). Fantastic role playing from everybody! Btw. Sark there are only 2 authors I had this holy shit moment: George RR Martin and Dan Simmons.