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    Theodore Rex (1995)

    This really needs the HDTGM treatment. It has everything. Alternate future. talking dinosaurs. killer butterflies. Bud Cort as a gang leader. Whoopi as a cop. and a convoluted plot involving a homicidal Noah hoping to bring about the next ice age. But this is nothing compared to our eponymous character. Teddy is a wise-cracking Robin WiIlliams aping T. Rex who just wants to be loved and has a desire for cookies that the Cookie Monster would think is excessive. This movie also has the distinction of being the most expensive direct to video movie with a budget of 33.5 million dollars which was not used on animatronics. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rsZOIu3sFU
  2. grimesy

    Episode 76 — Fair Game

    The henchwoman is 80s character actress Jennette Goldstein. She is the female marine from Aliens, the detecive blown up on the diving board in Lethal Weapon 2, and John Connor's adoptive mother in T2
  3. grimesy

    Virtuosity (1995)

    This definitely needs to be screened. Denzel with dreads. Crowe playing 200 psychopaths all at once. Respectable cast acting out a script written by a five year. Cheesy Virtual reality with a completely batshit insane ending. Prime HDTGM material
  4. grimesy

    Episode 48 — Sleepaway Camp

    Everyone has it wrong. Because one of the lines before the accident when they are in the water is this exchange John (Dad): Cmon fellas Dr Thomas is on her way real Angela: Aunt Martha's coming? Peter: Is Ricky coming too? John: No he is at his father's this weekend So obviously Crazy Dr. Aunt Martha is the sister of John, since when he and real Angela die Peter must go live with his only living relative. The batshit crazy Aunt.