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    Episode 159 — Apicklelypse

    55:59 - Jason, "Really? Hang on, I'm coming out of character because you just decided to call yourself the chief queef."
  2. Please talk about The Last American Virgin, let me try to convince why. The 1980's seem to be where all the work that feminists had done up to that point was completely forgotten by the female generation that hit 18 at that time. Not only were boobs the motivation for the entire decade, but so was the butt. The Last American Virgin is the pinnacle of the sex comedy. It has boobs, butt, sexual harassment, female deviants, abortion, friendship, enemyship, and more set backs for gender equality that seems okay to me. And by the end of the film it stops being a comedy and becomes cineamatic gold. There might be some hyperbole and incorrect sentence structure in my explanation, but i'm trying to portray how perfect this film would be for yous guys and people to nit pick and try and find out, "how did this get commissioned and filmed and released and remembered?" Thank you for your time, that guy from gelsons.