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  1. rushey82

    Episode 128 — Midwives

    That whole "This Has Been A David Huntsberger Question" riff was pure greatness.
  2. rushey82

    Episode 123 — Dreams

    So much of the world's pain started with that very sentence.
  3. rushey82

    Episode 120 — Live from Portland / Law

    Yeah, that was my thought too. A lot of boozy suzies were in the crowd. And the guest was a good friend of David's... so, I don't think the hosts had a problem with him.
  4. rushey82

    Episode 120 — Live from Portland / Law

    A lot of those audience members were unfortunately not familiar with the podcast. They were there because of Tig, whether they heard or saw her on This American Life, or heard her LIVE set. As a blastronaut, I was quite embarrassed to be a part of that Portland crowd. A few of those audience members were impossible. I honestly didn't think this episode would see the light of day. On the positive side of things, it was great to see how well David, Kyle, Aaron and Tig handled it. Although, those audience members were such penises, the hosts were still able to push through it. They didn't crumble. They're all professionals. They're so good at turning awkward and uncomfortable situations into pure joy.
  5. rushey82

    Episode 107 — Stress

    Falling Down... A timeless classic.
  6. rushey82

    Episode 101 — Cars

    It is not that serious, people.
  7. rushey82

    Episode 107 — Stress

    i wonder what that word was kyle struggled w/ about the coping mechanisms of aaron and his twix bars and whole milk. was it any of the following? confront, dispatch, encounter, endure, face, grapple, hack, handle, struggle, survive, tangle, tussle, weather??? Also, I think the hatch should do an episode on "parenting" and talk about the excitement and the stress of raising tiny humans.
  8. rushey82

    Episode 106 — Military

    I think it was Black Hawk Down. I could be wrong. Edited: Oops. Didn't realize he had already replied to you. Andy, I'm glad they had you in the hatch. You were great. My mother is active duty/army reserves. She just became a Sgt. about a year ago. I always tease her about all of the ridiculous acronyms you all have. I can't keep up with it all.
  9. Johnny you're adorable and I hope you are continually kicking that bulimia/drinking habit in the nads. Crazy amount of courage to admit that to 10s of people. (That was a lil' jokey joke...I love this podcast) What's the link to your podcast? Sorry about your anus. Be well.
  10. it's blastronauts... toot toot here comes the bombs. i love that song.
  11. rushey82

    Episode 102 — Nerds

    I adore Jackie. I think the lovely Brian Posehn would have been perfect for this episode too. He is the definition of nerdery. He collects The Simpsons figures and comic books. Please get him in the hatch some day. Thanks, Kyle for reminding me that I'm 73% water. I look forward to watching your written skits for the Amy Schumer show.
  12. rushey82

    Episode 100 — Atoms

    it's up now. finally.