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  1. jspouse

    Episode 468 - The Dream Method

    I've been waiting for years to have someone simply reference Spock's brother Sybok, but to have Anthony reference Laurence Luckinbill, the actor who played Sybok? Well, that just sent my heart soaring straight to Sha Ka Ree!
  2. jspouse

    Episode 441 - Your Cousin Marvin

    Doubt about that. Maybe everyone was just dick hung while they were listenin' to this ep and needed a bite to eat or something, cause just the premise of making a character based on that one line from Back to the Future was enough to make me laugh multiple times. Marvin Phelps was dick funny. Zouks was dick on point, and doubt Larry must get dick lonely out there on the road.
  3. jspouse

    Episode 440 - Pop-TarTender

    I love a good BLT.
  4. jspouse

    Episode 438 - Hair Take It

    She knocked it out of the park... in fair territory! Home run, is what I'm saying.
  5. jspouse

    Episode 435 - Jim Gaffigan Says No

    Doubt, Eugene's guns are dick swoll.
  6. jspouse

    Episode 434 - Doubt About That

    Doubt, this ep was dick git. Brendon is an amazing talent. The guy blows my mind with how quickly he switches between characters and still comes up with hilarious stuff on the fly. Guy's dick git. I better get some lunch, I'm dick hung.
  7. jspouse

    Episode 429 - Almost Mandatory

    I've regularly said it to people, whether they know what I'm talking about or not. You just gotta give BIG UPS to people of ALL stars & stripes.
  8. jspouse

    Episode 430 - Man Veils

    Thank you so much for tracking that down. I think that had been buried in my mind, and it just unlocked some great memories. I love how everyone on the podcast that day was cracking up at that particular plugs theme. It also reminded me to re-listen to the Eugene Cordero Filipino Blockbuster (aka "Pilipino Blockbuster") ep: http://www.earwolf.com/episode/filipino-blockbuster/. I cannot stop laughing during that whole character's segment of the show (starts around 19:30). The way Tito Ben emphasizes certain words has me rolling.
  9. jspouse

    Episode 429 - Almost Mandatory

    Just want to give BIG UPS to all of you who love "Big ups to people of all stars and stripes", because that's one of my favorite CBB lines as well. Great T-shirt mock-up as well. Big ups on that one.
  10. jspouse

    Episode 425 - Sunday Afternoon Taped

    I'm right there with you. I actually didn't mind Gilbert Gottfried as much as everyone else seemed to, although I recognize he has an obviously grating voice. His Thicke of the Night singing was hilarious, and while I can't remember exactly what his off-color Cosby joke was from that episode, I do remember it made me laugh uncontrollably, even though I knew it was one of those jokes where I felt bad for finding it funny. The Trump character that episode was amazing too.
  11. jspouse

    Episode 425 - Sunday Afternoon Taped

    I completely agree. I have no problem with people having differing opinions, but what's the point of going on a message board/forum to just post "This EP sucked", or something to that effect, without giving any context? At that point, you're sort of just trolling, so any backlash you get in response is fine by me. I think Nick Kroll was so apologetic about his performance that it undermined things. I thought the EP was hilarious, even if it didn't have a really polished/structured character arc and sort of rambled.
  12. This just feels like a blatant 90-minute-low-ticket-price-45-minutes-afterward-put-it-up-for-practically-free-(or-free-if-you're-doing-the-free-trial) kind of cash grab to me.
  13. jspouse

    Episode 409 - Man Brats

    I'm confused, is that "mmmmm", or was it supposed to be "hmmmm"? If the former, it's such a mixed message, like you found it yummy, but you didn't like the man brat angle? Such a tease!
  14. jspouse

    Episode 406 - Kid Detectives II

    No way, you should ABSOLUTELY print it and frame it. Just make sure it's one of those super cheap frames from IKEA or Marshalls or something though.
  15. jspouse

    Episode 406 - Kid Detectives II

    I'd say if you went out of your way to post about the fact you "Hated" the first Kid Detectives episode under the guise of asking people if it was any better, you sort of knew what you were getting into. That being said, I didn't really see that many people who were pissed off. I think they were more pointing out the fact you're in the minority of CBB fans when it comes to liking/disliking the Irish twins. Also, next time you want to know whether you should listen to an episode ahead of time, I'd recommend going to Alaska to search for clues first.