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    Episode 56 — Nothing But Trouble

    It's not implied. They convinced Candy to abandon Aykroyd and sneak them out of the death town. Candy was already second-guessing Aykroyd's ways and was getting tired of the whole small-town justice system, so they all flee. If they were in cahoots, then there wouldn't have been a scene of them pleading with Candy to set them free/sneak out with them.
  2. It seemed like the movie was trying to make the ending about how Timothy 'touched' all these people's lives and gave them each a reminder of it through his distribution of leaves, but we never actually see anyone have a change of heart! The sister gets shown up at the soccer game and the music recital, but we never see her come around to liking Tomothy or enjoying his unique style. We see the dad get yelled at, but we never see him become proud of his son or 'start over' by embracing Timothy as a new son. Having a comeuppance doesn't mean they've had character development. And the other people he gives leaves to never had a problem with him in the first place (Joni, the gay florist, etc). And I would argue the parents never become better parents. If they had, why didn't we ever see them apply the lessons they learned? If the point was that they put too much pressure on him to be good at soccer, why didn't we see a scene where they cheer him on without pressure to score the goal? If one of their problems was that they didn't trust Joni, why didn't they have a scene of them welcoming her into their home? The movie just ASSUMES that we think that people have changed, without showing us any sort of change. Also, it was like the movie couldn't decide whether the parents' flaw was that they were helicopter parents who were overly controlling of Timothy (the dodgeball game, soccer, the music recital) or if they were overly ABSENT from his life. For example, he falls into a pool and appears to be drowning (he wasn't, but if he were a normal kid he would be) and they don't notice at all. He keeps running off to see Joni, but they never seem to notice until he comes back or they see the two together. Also, to end this rant, why was Joni's first thought when she jumped into the pool to take off his socks instead of bringing him back to the surface so he doesn't die?
  3. KatieOfPluto

    Episode 51.5 — Minisode 51.5

    So I went to check if this was in UK Netflix. I kept typing in Reindeer Games into the search bar and only one thing kept popping up. So I was like 'why is this action movie-ish film called Deception popping up when I try to look for Reindeer Games?' So I guess the moral of this story is that the movie is called Deception here in the UK. I'm not sure why. Maybe it'll become apparent as I watch it tonight. I hope I don't end up watching a completely different cut of the movie from you guys, like when you guys did 88 Minutes or The Wicker Man.
  4. KatieOfPluto

    Episode 51 — Liz and Dick

    I had been waiting for this episode so intently. It's not a disappointment! I am so glad that you guys jumped on the one line that genuinely made me burst out laughing (one of the very few times in this movie): "I'm not saying it's colon cancer..." What kind of beside manner is that?! There's better bad news delivery in Scrubs! Oh god, and the black box scenes! Once they used it to explain Richard Burton not winning his Oscar, I stopped trying to interpret its use. Sometimes they're reflecting on their life with some hindsight, sometimes they're just narrating, sometimes they're riffing off each other, sometimes they talk as if they're not right next to each other, sometimes they act like they're dead, sometimes they act like it's an interview from late into their live. Who even knows! Also, you guys didn't stress how randomly they're placed in the movie: they can be a big part of the film for 5 to 7 minutes, then disappear for ages before being brought back again. It's never consistent. I used to sort of silently root for Lindsey Lohan to get back up and stop being such a mess, a la Britney Spears. This movie could have been her Blackout, to keep up the comparison: not great, but something that proved that she was willing to really push herself, to prove that she really was going to try to get back into the acting world, as June was pointing out. But instead she decided to turn in that type of bored, doesn't-want-to-be-there, irritatingly bland anti-acting that actresses like Kristen Stewart are turning out constantly. She can't be half-assing these things! K-Stew can sort of get away with it because she was in a billion dollar franchise. Lohan has been out of the game pretty much since I was in middle school!
  5. KatieOfPluto

    The Ugly Truth

    Absolutely yes! I remember watching this and feeling insulted not only for my fellow gender, but for men! This movie is probably best described as a parade of stupid stereotypes that make everyone unlikeable.
  6. KatieOfPluto

    Episode 50.5 — Minisode 50.5

    God, I just watched Liz and Dick in preparation for next episode and woooow. And just for reference, I watched the whooooole thing. I don't even know if that was hilariously or amazingly bad. Just bad. I think there were only two or three times where I laughed at something for being stupid. The rest of the time I just contemplated Lohan's choice of accent and how many years were supposed to have passed from beginning to end. Oh, and why they were in a blackbox sometimes and most of the time not. And also I wondered if Elizabeth Taylor is rolling in her grave. This is the first time I've watched a movie specifically in preparation for the next episode, so I'm excited for this one!
  7. I know I'm late to the game here. I just wanted to point out before you guys start to believe the Jacob/Renesmee plot is them being just friends or like family: no way, not at all. In the book, there's a scene in which Carlisle uses ridiculous pseudo-science nonsense to try to explain what Renesmee is going to be like. He says that since humans have 23 chromosomes and vampires have 25, Renesmee will have 24. So why does Stephanie Meyer even bother bringing this up? Because she goes on to explain that werewolves have 24 chromosomes, which is her way of implying that Renesmee and Jacob are capable of having biological offspring. Now, ignoring the fact that this totally isn't how procreation works, this sets up that Jacob and Renesmee are meant to be in a sexual relationship. Also, it's explained in the book way better than in the movies that imprinting is some sort of animal instinct-like thing which is meant to ensure that the werewolf species lives on, which means that imprinting is specifically designed to keep werewolves procreating. So again, even if Jacob and Renesmee's relationship doesn't immediately start as sexual, it is expected from all involved to lead to a sexual relationship. You know, like child grooming, but ten times creepier. In short, as Jason said last time, "he's gonna fuck that baby".