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  1. I personally dont have a problem with the sub to howl. I have a problem with how bare-bones and featureless the site is. Doesn't help that its rarely up to date on any of the ad-free versions of shows.
  2. I enjoyed this episode greatly but those choking back laughter sounds were incredibly annoying. By contrast, PFTs laughter outbursts were always pleasant to hear, just let it out man!
  3. okay, you really dont know what these words mean at all from your response. an exercise in futility on my part
  4. do you just not understand what context, huge leaps in logic, paranoia, and intent mean?
  5. the context did change, you're just seemingly paranoid that everyone is racist and they can only have that intent when they use the word
  6. you really know how to go off the deep end of assumptions and absolutes
  7. If I were to explain why the word nigger is bad in general, that would be proper context and intent. So again, context and intent matter, even if "you" dont want them to.
  8. you're implying its always a situation where people are using it to hate on others, which is why context and intent matter, even if you dont want them to.
  9. intent matters, even if you want to disregard it
  10. context matters, even if you want to disregard it
  11. I can't listen to yo is this racist for the reasons already presented. Sadly I live in Mississippi, and I would say most people i know here are racist. To the point that you'd almost be able to make the sweeping generalizations matt says without being far off.
  12. notcory

    Episode 50.5 — Minisode 50.5

    Sweet Christ this was one depressing interview.