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    Episode 78 — Crossroads

    I thought zooks was gonna make fun of the girls burying memories. "My dad thinks I'm at your house... My mom thinks I'm at yours... What are you putting in? - It's supposed to be a secret... ...deeper!...Deep! ...We don't wanna get caught... ..I want some dirt."
  2. qcumbersome

    Episode 77.5 — Minisode 77.5

    This week Jack Frost and Deck the Halls are on Free to Air tv in Australia, also Jingle All The Way! And on free to air in the last 3 months; Croc Dundee 3, Burlesque, Old Dogs, All About Steve, Fast Five, The Tourist, Green Lantern, Skyline, Superman 3, Catwoman, Abduction, Godzilla, Congo, Jaws4, The Devil's Advocate, From Justin to Kelly, Demolition Man, Sharknado, Congo And Halloween 3. Now is this a coincidence? is Australian free to air tv this shit?? Or is there a HDTGM fan in programming?
  3. qcumbersome

    Drive (2011)

    I decided the Goose was a cyborg with a lady voiced onboard computer and she'd say things like "I've got a baaad feeling about this max". Max short for Maxamillion ran on pizza sauce and longed to get to his home planet.
  4. qcumbersome

    Rocky Balboa (2006)

    I think this movie has good discussion potential, especially if you've heard Sly's DVD commentary (he thinks he's a real director) -shitty computer simulation fight. -confused old man (improvised) dialogue. -not so subtle settings -alleys, old factories and bridges. -the decor in Adrian's restaurant -STEPS!!! such an absurd name and story, this kid goes from the streets to up on the table at the news conference in a couple of days. -Punchy the dog -Sly Stallone's weird face and hairline.