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    Richie Rich (1994)

    Listening to Street Fighter reminded me of when I saw it in theaters (I was maybe 8 or 9) and Richie Rich with Macaulay Culkin came out around the same time (they were both Christmas movies). The funny thing I don't hate Richie Rich but I don't dispute it is a pretty terrible movie. Would be awesome for the cast to do this one. (I searched and got nothing, btw.)
  2. egregious

    End of Days (1999)

    In the spirit of the upcoming new year, I think you guys should totally watch the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie End of Days. It came out in 1999 and marketed during the "fear" of Y2K and it's just a cheesy cop versus Satan looking for a bride action movie. Super cheesy, and this was around when Arnold stopped doing action vehicles before he went on his "Governator" run.
  3. 1) Congo: all-around goofy, Tim Curry is ridiculous, Ernie Hudson just wants a paycheck, Joe Don Baker yells a lot, Amy the gorilla is creepy. Rife with material for June theories and Jason "next level bonkers" moments. 2) Richie Rich: This was like Macaulay Culkin's last attempt to star in a big movie before doing decent indie stuff later in years. It's a movie based on a comic strip and cartoon, but has really out-of-place adult tension and drama. One scene features a CGI bee sting a guy in the butt, and then the next has John Larroquette shooting at the parents? lol 3) 2 Fast 2 Furious: I love most of the Fast and Furious movies, but the second one is so bad and the entire script is like old people picked up what teenagers were saying in 2003 and turned it into a whole film. This or Fast & Furious might be the worst in the franchise. 4) Batman: The Movie (1966): It's of course going to campy, and watching it recently I loved it, but god there are SO MANY WTF moments I think the crew's heads would explode. "Let's leave inconspicuously. We'll go out the window by rope!" 5) The Wizard: It's so infamous in game nerds to hear people who don't have THAT much experience with videogames would be fantastic.
  4. egregious

    Twister (1996)

    A highly improbable ending, a tornado being a platform for a love triangle, wacky ass Philip Seymour Hoffman, and a random cameo from The Shining? Yes. Please do this movie.
  5. egregious

    Christmas with The Kranks (2004)

    Surviving Christmas starring Ben Affleck and James Gandolfini would also make a great show. It was like Jingle All the Way for the 2000s!
  6. egregious

    Nineties Video Game Movies

    Van Damme Street Fighter would be an amazing podcast.