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  1. tiles

    Episode 109 — Is There A Dingy?

    Somehow I listened to this against my better judgement. I think Blaine ran out of cocaine. He was actually listenable and took it down about 7 notches. It still didn't move the story along (best efforts noted!) they swam a minute, ran a bit and still have no idea what's happening or why. Blue, gold , red dogs and no reason to care.
  2. tiles

    Episode 107 — Sleeping Mario

    Ok, I have been listening for a very long time and I have been totally lost since sark left. Can anyone tell me what the F is going on in this campaign? Is there a point of any kind? Is this just the DM master bating over and over and over again? After listening from day ONE I think I have to turn this pointless story off and check back when this DM narasisim expiriment is over.
  3. tiles

    At Midnight!

    Guess who has a 19 charisma, is with Brian, Paton O, and Chris Hardwig on "At Midnight" tonight?? oooh, you know who!
  4. tiles

    Any other good RPG podcasts?

    RPGPodcasts .com is an excellent resource. Critical Hits is a personal fav, but you can set the filter to Actual Play for a WIDE range of games.
  5. tiles

    Episode 56 — After Party Brawl

    I don't know who first mentioned this, but the sound quality has been spot on lately. I listen to podcasts all day at work ( mostly rpg ) (mostly) and you guys are near the top in quality. For the record if I don't hear the dice and chips it's not a real actual play podcast!
  6. tiles

    Dungeons & Dragons, Editions & You

    Thats what they are trying to do with 5e, 4e did not go as expected for Wotc....
  7. tiles

    Dungeons & Dragons, Editions & You

    Started with the red box and played all editions plus a dozen other games. I am currently DMing Next ; Baldurs Gate and playing in Legacy of the Crystal shard plus my sons game ( he's 9 ). Looking forward to 5e release this summer!
  8. tiles

    Character Drawings

    If someone makes a motion comic out of this stuff, I may shit myself. Amazing.
  9. Comicbookmovie.com posted an article which reports that WB has purchased rights to and is fast tracking a big budget D&D movie reboot. They link to a Deadlne.com article that refers to a "Chainmail" script (think early Gygax) updated for the currant game. Interesting..
  10. tiles

    Episode 16 — The Water Box

    true dat! For the time being wotc is still putting out 4e adventures monthly in their Dragon magazine (pdf free!) and I have no doubt 4e will live on because it is a really great game. (just not for these guys!) (unless they get a bigger table!)
  11. tiles

    Episode 16 — The Water Box

    Bigger table would do the trick!
  12. tiles

    Episode 16 — The Water Box

    No new books is neither here nor there, just a fact. There are no new books for red box but it shouldn't stop any one from playing it. 4e simply has ended production. For better or worse.
  13. tiles

    Episode 16 — The Water Box

    No, Sark does not seem like that kind of DM, (neither am I!) but 4e requires maps for combat. No getting around it, and the more rules the gang picks up as they go, the more their game will break down. Weather or not they ever touch a module, eventually they will catch on to the rules as they gain levels. And 4e rules won't work for this table.
  14. tiles

    Episode 16 — The Water Box

    I am a 4e DM too, and will continue to play for a while. However the last of the 4e books have been produced. Therefor done. No more. Ever. Play anything you want, that's cool, but 4e has only the past and no "future" (material). Considering the limits of Sarks game I would suggest they switch soon. 4e will eventually break their table. IMHO
  15. tiles

    Episode 16 — The Water Box

    I have been playing 4e for about three yrs and have had a great time, but can't imagine Sark and the gang having nearly enough table space to run combats higher than 3rd level without maps and minis for almost all encounters. DnD Next is, in my experience, very simple to learn and much easier to run FASTER, no map combats with. IMHO Also cleaner in running skill checks.