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    Sleepaway Camp

    Lol this movie was crazy! I noticed, in the beginning, one of the kids asks if Ricky is coming with the aunt and the dad says no, so presumably Ricky was already at camp. What I question is if "Angela" moved in right after the accident, how did Ricky go all those years w/o noticing she was Peter. And presumably his girl cousin already had a name at 6 or 8 years old so I guess Angela was already the dead girl's name? You won't believe this but the original is the best written and most LOGICAL of the series! Because the sequels are fucking insane!
  2. Mr_Classhole

    Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Corrections

    I'm embarrassed that I have this information but Sue Clearwater is Charlie's gf. LEAH Clearwater is her daughter, Seth's sister, and I believe the first wolf Sam (pack leader) imprinted on. She was the grey wolf that saved EsmΓ© from falling in the crumbling ground in the fight that never happened.