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    Godzilla, Dungeons & Dragons, MMORPGs, Comic Books (Godzilla Rulers of Earth, Rat Queens, Saga, Deadpool, East of West, Jupiter's Legacy), Fantasy/Horror/SciFi books&films
  1. Chaosound

    How did you start listening to Nerd Poker?

    I heard Brian on some other podcasts say he was starting his own and immediately wanted to check it out. Then I heard it was going to be D&D and was double stoked.
  2. Chaosound

    5th Edition DnD

    Loving 5e ever since the "Next" playtests. A great blend of all previous editions I think, and yeah even 4th.
  3. Chaosound

    Episode 96 — Sweet Potatoes

    Get Steve Agee & Dave Anthony in there permanently damnit!
  4. Chaosound

    Lack of direction

    Absolutely not. The show is 100% better when they go off on ridiculous tangents, the gameplay sucks, always has.
  5. Chaosound

    is it itunes or is it me? last ep #91

    Leisge Hey that fixed it. I'm using an old iPhone. Thanks.
  6. Chaosound

    Any other good RPG podcasts?

    Seeing this thread has some new hits I just have to repost; Troll the Dice www.trollthedice.com or just search iTuneThis has become my fave podcast. Hilarious, often drunken, D&D. U Unfortunately you can only get the most episodes on iTunes so you'll have to hit their site for the beginning of the campaign. Though they just started a 2nd game running the adventure from the new 5th edition Starter Set.
  7. My iTunes shows ep#91 Polish My Horn of Blasting as the latest available. Anyone else have this issue or is it just something with my phone?
  8. Chaosound

    Episode 81 — Through the Church

    Yeah cause ya know they keep wicked tight track of things like XP and such. Not that it applies to this "game" but I find it lame when characters are allowed to level up mid-adventure. Kind of immersion breaking to me. Personally I found this episode quite boring. Work around Gerry's availability damn it! haha Oh and am I the only one who hates that damned dice tower?
  9. Chaosound

    Episode 80 — D&Darping

    Awesome episode. Blaine was on fire (on something anyway?!?) Hilarious 35mins before they even start playing, I love this style for the show!
  10. Chaosound

    Episode 78 — Into the Woods 2: Deeper & Darker

    Yeah after the crazy stat rolling; what was it 4d6 drop lowest AND roll 8 stats & keep best 6? Something like that. I can't believe he didnt allow to reroll a 1hp. Though to his credit, Ken is rping a 1hp wizard awesomely.
  11. http://www.purpleworm.org/rules/ All the 2nd edition AD&D rules in one place
  12. Chaosound

    Episode 79 — The Roc

    Magic Missile thing has been pointed out over and over. Pretty sure this episode they actually were not rolling "to-hit" for MM, but not sure how they ended up with 4 missiles each. Maybe the party is LV7?! haha
  13. Chaosound

    Episode 77 — Into the Woods

    They have been skipping adding bonuses since the start of the show, why change now? haha I think it's just a standard battle-axe not 2-H, but not sure. Yeah I'm all for just ignoring any rules "mistakes" they make but when the show intro says they've "been playing over a decade", that really makes me wonder how they don't seem to know some of the simplest mechanics of the game. Of course I listen for the banter not the game play anyway.
  14. Chaosound

    Dungeons & Dragons, Editions & You

    The 5th edition stuff starts to come out next month (July 2014) with a Starter Set. WotC will also be putting "Basic D&D" online as a free download. Basic D&D will have all the rules needed to play D&D from level 1-20, with some limitations on options. Basic will only include options of the four core classes; Fighter, Cleric, Mage, Rogue and four basic races; Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling. http://www.wizards.com/dnd/Article.aspx?x=dnd/4ll/20140527 article about Basic D&D http://www.wizards.com/dnd/Article.aspx?x=dnd/4ll/20140609 article on the Starter Set http://www.wizards.com/dnd/Article.aspx?x=dnd/news/advleague2 D&D Adventurers League - the new open play system
  15. Chaosound

    Episode 78 — Into the Woods 2: Deeper & Darker

    I strongly disagree. Sark's plodding storyline had me ready to quit listening. Since Blaine took over NP is back to one of my favorite pods.