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  1. Chaosound

    Character sheets

    Listening to them flip through what sounds like the PHB just for simple info like weapon damage I wonder if they even have character sheetsdd.
  2. Chaosound

    Episode 66 — A New Awakening

    was that a "banhammer" just for negative comments? jeez he never actually attacked anyone personally (well Brian's roleplaying) which I've seen several others do repeatedly
  3. Chaosound

    Episode 66 — A New Awakening

    Worst plot twist ever One of if not the worst episode ever ... Up until the mousetrap. The guys really turned a terrible story into something hilarious. Hopefully this dumb bit doesn't carry on too long, but following the trend of the campaign I guess were due for 10 weeks of boring shows (gamewise).
  4. Chaosound

    Favorite D&D campaign setting?

    no Eberron?
  5. Chaosound

    Episode 65 — The Cavern Explosion

    Wow was really hoping for a TPK(W) on this but looks like "shitty dm" wussed out.
  6. Chaosound

    Episode 62 — Dwarf Surfboard

    Yeah Damian seems to think 'Speak With Animals" means "Command Animals".
  7. Chaosound

    Dana Gould Hour

    shout out with no link?! like we are supposed to go google now?!
  8. Chaosound

    Episode 61 — The Scream in the Cave

    Yeah I've been meaning to post about this. There isn't any reason drinking is against alignment.
  9. Chaosound

    Episode 61 — The Scream in the Cave

    odd that Brian looks the least metal doing the balls cup
  10. Chaosound

    Any other good RPG podcasts?

    Just found this one, it's a brand new comedic D&D gameplay pod. It's 3 guys who have never played D&D before. It's really well made, with background music & sound effects. If you like the funny adventure stuff but don't enjoy the out-of-game tangents NP goes on you would probably like this as they stay in game most of the time. D&D Live with Shooting the Shit (StS) http://dndwithstspodcast.blogspot.com/
  11. Chaosound

    Episode 60 — The Man Rats

    Well they have admitted several times where they didn't know exactly how magic was handled and later corrected it, even in this episode it comes up. I don't think it was actually an "attack" roll I think it was a "you're blindly firing a rod of lightning don't fuck it up" roll... and he did.
  12. Chaosound

    Nerd Poker RPG Game Finder

    Well since last time I have started DMing a group. We're playing the current "season" of the Encounters program; Legacy of the Crystal Shard using D&D Next. Wednesday nights 7pm-9/9:30pm at Secret Headquarters Comics & Games. This adventure is going to spin off into a full campaign continuing to meet at this time or maybe switching to Tuesday nights. I also play some games on Roll20 but haven't taken a shot at running one there yet.
  13. Chaosound

    Trondoor played by a guest?

    or Vin Disel haha
  14. Chaosound

    Any other good RPG podcasts?

    Hey Josh, or Jack... fuck that bloody shower bullshit! Cool to see you on here. Ha I didn't even know there was an official D20 CoC ruleset. I just always thought Veronica and you had made that shit fit. I used to listen to Drunks & Dragons a lot but got burnt out on it. Might be the 4e thing, I can't listen to many using that system. Early NP & Crit Juice the obvious exceptions. I gave MU Pod a go for a bit. The early episodes are pretty cool as they do a good job of explaining how to play CoC.
  15. Chaosound

    Episode 57 — Saving Trondoor

    I got to agree with the comments about letting "Damien" slide. I mean "Sir Richard" slapped "Blackie" around for a lot less than they are putting up with from "Damien".
  16. Chaosound

    Dungeons & Dragons, Editions & You

    I'm still enjoying Next/5e but from I went and bought the DM & MM books for 3e. Going to try and get a home game going using that set, maybe with some Next stuff thrown in.
  17. Chaosound

    Any other good RPG podcasts?

    I thought this had been brought up here before, maybe not. Harmontown has some crazy D&D in it, but as stated it isn't the whole show. http://harmontown.com/ Though if you want to check it out someone took the effort to isolate the D&D bits http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18252097/harmontown.html Crit Juice is a good gameplay pod. These are improv comedians/actors (very small time I assume, no offense to any of them) who have incorporated drinking rules into their 4e game. http://www.critjuice.com/ Troll the Dice isn't professionals of any sort but they do get quite funny if that's what you're looking for. http://trollthedice.com/ Penny Arcade Official D&D as mentioned is also very good. http://www.wizards.com/dnd/podcasts.aspx The Delvers is an awesome podcast though nothing like Nerd Poker. It is recordings of a family; Father, Wife(gf?), & 2 daughters (i think like 8 & 10?) playing Labyrinth Lord. Which is simply a 3rd party continuation of AD&D. The gameplay is heavily edited so just the action is included or important details. Episodes run aprox. 15-20mins each.. The show is put together great, very professional sounding. It's a really different take on the usual gameplay podcasts. http://burnedfx.com/about Sadly the show ended last year due to sickness in the family. The website says they have plans to pick it back up at some point but as yet haven't. Cthulhu and Friends is a pretty decent gameplay podcast of a group playing Call of Cthulhu but using D20(D&D) style rules. They play via skype or some type of online thing so sound quality can be erratic but generally pretty good. http://cafpodcast.com/ I used to listen to many more but eventually (sometimes rather quickly) get burned out on them. These I still enjoy regularly.
  18. Chaosound

    A non D&D-er confused about the most basic rolls

    In new editions you roll a check against a DC# and you want to roll a match or higher, typically easy=10, average=15, hard=20. This is done by rolling a D20 and adding or subtracting various modifiers. *ex: Fighter with strength score of 16 wants to lift a boulder, DM determines tis is average difficulty so fighter rolls D20 adds strength modifier and needs to get 15 or higher. In AD&D 2e, which they are playing now, to make an ability check you want to roll under your ability score. *ex: same set-up in this case fighter just needs to roll under a 16 onD20 In newer additions the better your armor - the higher your AC (Armor Class) gets. So to hit someone/thing you roll a D20 and try to match or beat the AC. Again adding or subtracting modifiers. In AD&D 2e, the better your armor - the lower your AC gets. So they use a system called THAC0 = To Hit Armor Class 0(Zero). Your THAC0# is determined by your class & level. You subtract the target's AC from your THAC0# and roll against that on a D20. *ex: fighting a goblin with an AC of 8, a 1st level fighter has a THAC0 of 20, so 20-8=12, fighter needs to roll a 12 on a D20 to hit the goblin (add strength bonus to roll also)
  19. Chaosound

    Episode 55 — 7 Course Dwarf Feast

    Gerry is fucking killing it these last few episodes. Love that he never breaks character.
  20. Yeah was gonna say that sounds like Call of Cthulhu not D&D. If there are no rules how do you make a character? Just show up and say my guy is as smart and strong as you can possibly be?
  21. Chaosound

    Is anyone else liking Damien more than Amarth?

    Yeah hands down El Ryan was the best character the show had/has but eh that's how it goes.
  22. Chaosound

    NEW Nerd Poker Dice Bags!

    yeah I don't see how 3 full sets fit in there. Still cool, still want one. Will be a backup to my CR bag I guess haha.
  23. Chaosound

    Dungeons & Dragons, Editions & You

    I started DMing using Next/5e in the current Encounters game session. It's cool I like it. Slimmed down kinda back to old school basics. There's some stuff that's definitely broke in it though. I figured it would be easier to start DMing with a system that is still very small, not have to worry about 30 different rule expansions.
  24. Chaosound

    Episode 51 — Star Chart

    I want to see the party find some awesome priest robes/armor and Damian refuse to wear it because it isn't black haha.