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    Episode 29 — Mystery of the Skeletal Chest Crawler

    Jumping in late to the is this or isn't this D&D thing; I feel it's mainly due to using 4e. I'm not gonna totally bash 4e, it has it's place and it's high points but it is a battle/skirmish/hacknslash style setup. Sark's deep story elements would be much better utilized if the group would go ahead and swap over to AD&D (2e) like they keep saying they will. 4e downplays role-playing & creativity I think.
  2. Chaosound

    New Player help

    I finally started playing D&D Encounters also after not being able to get a regular group together. It's fun and convenient. Luckily where I play it's actually mostly people 30+ with a few mid 20s. No kids other than the couple people who bring their teens along to play with them (like I did).Yeah I agree the way Encounters is set up & 4e in general it's more a battle/skirmish game than an RPG. It's all about beat these bad guys 7 get to the next bad guys. With those drawbacks I still enjoy it and look forward to playing each week. Hopefully I will be able to use the experience to spin off into a home game with some people I meet at Encounters.
  3. Chaosound

    Blaine Capatch

    I guess you haven't seen the stupid retrotrend in tape releases. Lots of underground bands are releasing cassettes again. I have no idea why but it's quite popular.
  4. Chaosound

    Nerd Poker T-shirts!

    ???1 sided / 1 color shirts cost maybe $3 to make + $3-4 to ship so ONLY $20???
  5. Chaosound


    anyone playing?
  6. Chaosound

    New Player help

    check this out too http://www.wizards.com/dnd/event.aspx?x=dnd/4new/event/dndencounters it's a weekly game sponsored by Wizards of the Coast. Held Wednesday nights at local game or comic shops.
  7. Chaosound

    Episode 13 — Up Goes The Lift

    cute replies with the rules but hardly fitting as they have explained multiple times they use house rules
  8. Chaosound

    Nerd Poker T-shirts!

    Cool but ultimately disappointed by this design
  9. Chaosound


    Nice I'm only at 32 Devout Cleric. good game despite the cash shop junk
  10. Chaosound

    Episode 25 — The Locker Gifts

    Argh it's the elevator all over again! I know D&D is about story-telling not JUST hack-n-slash but after that last batch of high action episodes these last 2 were painful to listen to. Cheers to the only RPer in the group Sir Richard!
  11. Chaosound

    Warner bros making D&D movie (reboot)

    Immediately after news released that Hasbro is contesting who owns the rights. Doubt we'll see anything soon.
  12. Chaosound

    Questions for Sark

    2e (or 2.5e i guess) had a handbook for playing humanoid characters but i don't remember if there was anything like dragonborn in it
  13. Chaosound

    Episode 23 — Anybody's Game

    How did you allow a player to roll a paladin without choosing a deity?! pfft. Where were his divine powers coming from? haha Gotta know if any of that was prethought or just Sark plot-armoring Gerry.
  14. Chaosound

    The Infamous D&D Religious Tract

    Hah yeah loved that one, carried it around in the pocket of my shirt for like a year back in high school.
  15. Chaosound

    Questions for Sark

    So if (WHEN) you switch to 2nd Edition are you going to try and "downgrade" the current characters or start a new campaign from lv1? Can't wait to see the forums explode with "WTF is THAC0?!".
  16. Chaosound

    Character Drawings

    WOW! and finally someone that doesnt try to make the characters look like the players
  17. Chaosound

    Episode 21 — Take The Lord's Crown!

    well considering this quest is to save the entire planet and beyond i dont think its really a side mission
  18. Chaosound

    Episode 12 — Deeper Into The Base

    The Collectors "base" is mostly on the surface with some parts extending underwater. The refuge dwelling was an underwater dome. Any structures they've been in that are under the surface are air filled via mechanised or magical means.
  19. Chaosound

    Hey here is a possibly terrible idea...

    somebody clever do a Blackee ad for it...
  20. Chaosound

    Hey here is a possibly terrible idea...

    Coming this fall on RealTV
  21. Chaosound

    Any LA listeners want to start a game?

    hahaha hey dickheads want to play hahaha way to break the ice
  22. Chaosound

    Hey here is a possibly terrible idea...

    another podcast that i wont mention AGAIN did this, kickstarter 1000$ to play fucking crazy 2 people did it
  23. Chaosound

    Episode 20 — Burst Through and Kill

    As a barbarian shouldn't Amarth Amon be required to be chaotic? Or did they change that alignement rule? The whole party has played outside their supposed alignments (except El Ryan) pretty much the entire campaign. Amarth the most extreme example. But eh who cares it's fun, I love him being a total psycho... just make them all change to Chaotic Neutral and be done with it.
  24. Chaosound

    Questions for Sark

    Is Sir Richard starting at lv1 or have you leveled him to match the group?
  25. Chaosound

    Dungeons & Dragons, Editions & You

    I saw the Pathfinder box at my lcbs for $40. Amazon win heh.