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  1. jshulte22

    Episode 124 — Duke of Leon

    Kulap is such a babe.
  2. jshulte22

    Character Drawings

    Scanned this Drawing at work, hopefully I don't get in trouble because of Ell Ryan's elf parts.
  3. jshulte22

    Character Drawings

    Nerd Poker Drawing - Stage 1 I'm gonna finish the drawing and try and color it, this is just what I did tonight. I gotta get Sark in there somewhere as well.
  4. jshulte22

    Character Drawings

    Has no one submitted drawings for the characters yet? I am going to work on some tonight, while listening to Brian and Jerry argue. Also, based on the newest episode I think I will depict Mildred Maxton as a female Bruce Vilanch. Any suggestions on what they should be doing. I'll probably have Amarth shaking his head at a Naked pube-less El Ryan. Maybe Sark pulling the puppet strings. Group portrait to come soon.
  5. Episode 61 'special man' 'raiders man'
  6. Best episode yet, bout shit my pants during the raiders man skit. RAIDERSSSS! No problems.