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    Photography, broadcasting, and serving as DM for several drunks on weekends.
  1. Toneth

    Episode 7 β€” Follow the Whispers

    Spoiler alerts everywhere! Anyway, I'm going to miss that character... that ran away from home. Yeah, no one "died."
  2. Toneth

    Episode 5 β€” Shipwrecked

    100% inspired by your podcast. I'm really hoping to hear "roll for initiative" in the next episode.. fingers crossed.
  3. Toneth

    Episode 5 β€” Shipwrecked

    I found myself clapping after Mr. Green's epic dice roll, that's when I realized how nerdy I really was. My friends and I are playing again after 8 long years, and we all really dig the show. However, my wife thinks you are completely fucked in your current situation. Can't wait for episde 6!
  4. The podcast is brilliant, and you need to cash in on spirit bear shirts immediately. Consider posting your character sheets for everyone to see. Anyway, I hope this doesn't end anytime soon. Donations incoming once my ass finds a job.