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  1. Lauren Tyree

    Fear (1996)

    For some reason, my parents took me to see Fear in theaters when it came out. At 10 years old, I was way too young, so it was instantly my favorite movie. It look me a long time to realize just how awful it technically is, but it's a gloriously fun watch, and I'd kill to hear the HDTGM crew rip it apart.
  2. Lauren Tyree

    Generation Gaps

    In the inaugural episode of The Cracked Podcast, co-hosts Jack O’Brien & Michael Swaim discuss generation gaps. They ask Earwolf hosts about semen pumping, talk to Daniel O’Brien about incorrect pop culture memories, and have a conversation on the Flynn effect.
  3. Lauren Tyree

    NEW FAN SHOW- Earhump Submissions

    We need John to post the zinger board. I'm pretty sure Gabe is leading, but we'll see.
  4. Lauren Tyree

    NEW FAN SHOW- Earhump Submissions

    Thanks, yo! Appreciate your listening. Hopefully it'll keep improving.
  5. Lauren Tyree

    NEW FAN SHOW- Earhump Submissions

    Y'all, JAKE FOGELNEST will be on tomorrow morning's show. 11am Pacific. Be there or be square.
  6. Lauren Tyree

    Earwolf Live VPN Schedule!

    CAAAAAN'T. Wait. But it appears we must. :/
  7. Lauren Tyree

    Tonx coffee sponsor

    AWESOME! Thanks for your support, Chase. Keep sippin.
  8. Lauren Tyree

    Earwolf Live VPN Schedule!

    Y'all, improv4humans tonight with Horatio Sanz, Lauren Lapkus and Ben Schwartz. Taking calls at 347-514-WOLF (That's 347-514-9653). 6pm PT right on our YouTube page. YAY.
  9. Lauren Tyree

    Earwolf Live VPN Schedule!

    You're welcome, and yes, the time will come. Coordinating schedules is tricky at the moment, but we'll work it out as soon as we can.
  10. Lauren Tyree

    Earwolf Live VPN Schedule!

    Theoretically, it'd be nice. But we don't want our audio podcast listens to be by the video release. We do know some folks enjoy both formats.
  11. Lauren Tyree

    Earwolf Live VPN Schedule!

    Hi Folks! Here's the upcoming schedule of programming for our LIVE Youtube streams of Earwolf shows every Thursday. Each streaming sesh happens at 6pm PT right here on our channel. We'll keep adding to this thread. As a rule, the YouTube video is posted 10 days after the live event- the Monday following the drop of the audio podcast episode. If someone wants to draw a helpful diagram illustrating this fact, we won't object. 4/25- improv4humans with TBD guests 5/2- Fogelnest Files with Howard and Kulap 5/9- Ronna & Beverly with Jim Rash 5/16- Sklarbro Country with Seth Morris 5/23- Who Charted with TBD guests 5/30- Comedy Bang Bang with TBD guests 6/6- Sklarbro Country with TBD guest 6/13- improv4humans with TBD guest 6/20- Fogelnest Files with TBD guest Please feel free to post questions and suggestions here! Thanks for watching, y'all.
  12. Lauren Tyree

    Episode 24 — Describe Player

    What an amazing idea! We'll have to try and make it happen.
  13. Lauren Tyree

    Episode 24 — Describe Player

    I agree! What say you, Sean and Hayes?! We could steal some reality show games. I haven't seen Shark Tank yet, but we could probably fit a hammerhead and a kiddie pool in the studio...
  14. Lauren Tyree

    Episode 140 — Effy Scotty Fitzy

    Are you still having download problems? It's working for us, but we'd like to look into it more if folks are having an issue with the download. Thanks!
  15. Yes, in addition to episode pages, audio episodes themselves, insertion of links, etc; it was a much better team building exercise than the bowling trip Ramhand has been pitching.