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    Episode 41 — Spider-Man 3

    I went to see this movie at midnight because I was so excited for the next spiderman movie, especially after the last one hit it out of the park. I fell asleep during this one and I think that says all that needs to be said.
  2. RafiBomb!

    Avatar (2009)

    I didn't mind it so much as I generally like scifi movies if they are halfway decent, but then as Jason would say I became enraged when I realized that soonofabitch James Cameron ripped off a childhood classic (at least for me) FUCKING FERN GULLY! Exact story.
  3. RafiBomb!

    2012 (2009)

    How dare you! Woody Harrelson puts in the performance of a lifetime as himself of course. But seriously Yosemite is a god damned time bomb just sitting there man!
  4. RafiBomb!

    Any Uwe Boll Film

    Uwe Boll is the epitome of why there are so many movies available for this podcast. When asked why his movies were so shitty he did two things: he first stated that it's a business and he's simply there to make money (he does this through dvd sales and foreign box office by buying well known comic rights and raping them) and also by inviting anyone to box him if they have a problem with his movies. Of course a bunch of retards showed up to get their ass whooped because he trains all the time, making him look like even more of an asshole. Sorry for the length I just hope no Uwe Boll movie is done on the podcast because they aren't worth even mentioning.
  5. RafiBomb!

    Episode 46 — Barb Wire

    Yeah haha I just watched this on netflix and the very first scene shows her full tits, not to mention when she is doing her stupid voice-over in the next scene you can see the tops of her nips! And of course to the soundtrack, maybe it didn't exist at the time but how dare they not use the Korn version of Word Up which is actually decent if you like rock.