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    Deep in the heart of *shiver* the red states
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    If it takes place in space, a magical realm, a world of conspiracies, or a post apocalyptic wasteland I'm probably into it.
    Also, football.
  1. ThePinkPhantom

    No new episode this week? 01/08/14

    Well, at least Brian found something to do. #BigBangTheory Rock show! Rock show! ROCK SHOOOOOWWWW!
  2. ThePinkPhantom

    Episode 54 — Wolf Whisper

    Things could have gone very differently if it hadn't been dwarves: "IX-I-I What is your emergency?" "Yes, my hut has just been Magic MissileTM d by a magic user of some sort." "Is anyone injured?" "Yes, my baby was killed by a missile. He only had 1d4 hit points. And my oldest died from the resulting fire. It took us 4 rounds to extinguish him and that was too long." "Ma'am, rescue is on the way. Be warned there have been reports of a flying elf in the area." "Damn, Santa" (Ba-dum chh)
  3. ThePinkPhantom

    Episode 40 — Going Back To The Choppa

    When I listened to this episode I wasn't expecting a comedy "This is SportsCenter" moment. Dadada dadada. But for me the most hilarious moment was when Sarah rolled the one. She's usually so understated compared to the others. My jaw dropped and eyes widened when she just let off that stream of obscenity. Great show.
  4. ThePinkPhantom

    This Dead Air Brought to You By...

    Owlbears! What's that bear doing to that owl? Owlbears!
  5. ThePinkPhantom

    Episode 35?

    You'd prefer Ral Donner?
  6. ThePinkPhantom

    Episode 35?

    Cue Cinderella's "You Don't Know What You've Got Til It's Gone". All hail Nerd Poker Dungeon's & Dragon's with Brian Posehn and Friends! Remember it with the mnemonic: Never Poke DaD with Big Penises and Fried chicken legs.
  7. ThePinkPhantom

    Episode 35?

    This week's worth of dead air is brought to you by withdrawal symptoms! Shivering, screaming, moaning, curling up in a ball...withdrawal symptoms! C'mon, baby, I need the good stuff. *shiver*
  8. ThePinkPhantom

    This Dead Air Brought to You By...

    Has your sword lost its shine? Is your armor offensive? Well clean them and keep them clean with ShiKn-ightAllTM! Items treated with ShiKn-ightAllTM resist the worst dungeon dirt! Slimes and jellies slide right off! Rust monsters turn up their noses! We took a common shield and treated it with ShiKn-ightAllTM. We then left it in a dungeon infested with Gelatinous Cubes! After one week our team of intrepid adventurers recovered the shield, and it gleamed a brightly as the day we left it! So get to your local peddler or merchant and ask them for ShiKn-ightAllTM! Accept no substitutes! ::jingle:: When your gear needs extra shine, ShiKn-ightAllTM does it, every time! ::end jingle:: ShiKn-ightAllTM! (No adventurers were hurt in the making of this ad. Just lots and lots of Gelatinous Cubes.)
  9. ThePinkPhantom

    This Dead Air Brought to You By...

    The Big Bang! The beginning of everything! Big Bang! ::Micro-Machine Man voice::Not-to-be-confused-with-"Let-there-be-light"-The-Big-Bang-does-not-support-or-deny-the-existence-of-a-supreme-being.-Please-consult-your-minister-before-supporting-The-Big-Bang.-The-Big-Bang-is-not-responsible-for-any-damnation-that-may-result-from-its-use.-All-Rights-Reserved::end Micro-Machine-Man voice::
  10. ThePinkPhantom

    This Dead Air Brought to You By...

    Telegraph! In a complex world of sounds, moving pictures, flashy graphics, and emoticons, you need the simplicity of dashes and dots STOP Telegraph! It's the original Internet STOP Telegraph! Because communications technology peaked in the 1880's STOP Telegraph! It's the orginal Twitter STOP Telegraph! Just STOP From the makers of Pony Express, when it absolutely, positively has to get there weeks from now!
  11. ThePinkPhantom

    This Dead Air Brought to You By...

    MySpace! Isn't it cute, grandpa still thinks he's cool! MySpace! Because Zuckerburg would never be your first friend. MySpace! Love us, please! We're still cooler than Friendster! MySpace! (cue the jingle) Do you really think Facebook is your place? Then you haven't tried the new MySpace! -From the makers of Compuserve
  12. ThePinkPhantom

    You shoulda said somethin

    Through out gaming, movies, books, and even history, there have been moments when people needed to speak up to avoid bad decisions. Hey, Napoleon - Russia is big, gets really cold in winter, and the Russians would rather burn everything down than let you eat their food and stay in their homes. Hey, Lindsey Lohan - Alcohol, drugs, and pantyless partying is not a good career move. Hey, Luke - Get your mind out of the gutter; she's your sister. Hey, Amarth - We wanted to talk to that guy. You shoulda said somethin Share your favorite "You should said somethin" moments from your favorite story, adventure with friends, or RPG campaign!
  13. ThePinkPhantom

    This Dead Air Brought to You By...

    (Okay, one more) Obnoxious signatures! Yeah, yeah you're the funniest/smartest/alpha nerd. Overcompensating on Internet forums since the ASCII days of 1994! Obnoxious signatures. I gots one, and I knows it!
  14. ThePinkPhantom

    This Dead Air Brought to You By...

    Broad swords! You got your hacking in my slashing! You got your slashing in my hacking! Broad swords! If I don't stop now I never will. Good night, Glenishmoore!
  15. ThePinkPhantom

    This Dead Air Brought to You By...

    Eyes! Looking, blinking, crying, Eyes! From the makers of Ears.