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  1. dlo burns

    The Cell (2000)

    It's based off the art peice of Damien Hirst titled "Some Comfort Gained from the Acceptance of the Inherent Lies in Everything". Infact basically all the 'head space' scenes are based on famous modern art pieces.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62E4FJTwSuc "Oh this doesn't look too bad, atleast they're finally using laser guns now. Maybe this Alternate Timelyne won't be too stupid" *later* "Wait, did they just rip that bus scene off from ..." JUMP THOUGH THE CHOPPAH *head explodes* ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– I'm hoping that 1) this will actually produce the level of insanity promised in this trailer 2) we could get an in-theaters podcast with this one.
  3. dlo burns

    Episode 834 - Tarzan

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZkUw2UKhkM hell yeah Vitamin C And fuck that live action Ghost In The Shell.
  4. dlo burns

    Species (1995)

    The sequel has my favorite 'goof' on IMDB
  5. dlo burns

    "Cannon Films is Back in Business"

    Eh, I prefer bonkers Cannon films over the lazy style of Asylum.
  6. dlo burns

    Episode 129 - The Apple: LIVE!

    Grace can sing and dance, but it's probably really not in the style you'd expect. Like I was expecting a HI-NRG thing, but her style is much slower and chill like go-go/smooth disco. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THt7o6dzMuw
  7. It's a great movie title, but I have a suspicion that it was the inspiration for emo and indie bands to name songs and albums in full-on sentences.
  8. dlo burns

    TANK (1984)

    Well I searched for this and all I found was Tank Girl, so the search system must not be that broken. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAbkNu_rF50 https://en.wikipedia...wiki/Tank_(film) I remember as a kid being pretty sick with a high fever and watching this, not really knowing what was going on, and later confusing this for Convoy, since the end has a bunch of big rigs.
  9. dlo burns

    Episode 128 - Streets of Fire: LIVE!

    If you want a game that's kind of similar then try Sleeping Dogs, it's basically every John Woo film distilled into a game.
  10. dlo burns

    EPISODE 125 - Steel: LIVE!

    Steel: one of those movies where I feel that I've seen it, but am not actually sure I have. Is it forgettable, or it's it memetic enough that snatches of it have implanted themselves in my mind?
  11. dlo burns

    Mean Guns (1997)

    I've got a double four pack named HEAT ON THE STREET that's trying to be a collection of 90's exploitation films but there's some real curveballs in there (also note, I haven't seen most of these since I'm too lazy to get a good dvd player and the ps2 makes noise like a vacuum): In Too Deep (1999) Malevolent (2002) <- I mostly got this because this is one of those random crap films my dad inexplicably likes ICE (1994) Glass Shield (1994) <-I thought this was something else, looked up on imdb before, and was blown away at the bitchy/crazy reviews people have left for this, and that attack each other. ———————————— A Rage In Harlem (1991) Road Ends (1997) License To Kill (1984) <- As seen on Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor, Period and yes, it's basically an afterschool special with a lack of Denzel. Also it's go the biggest poster on the box, prominently displaying Denzel in front of a burning car wreck like he just went Man On Fire on some punks which just really sets this film up for disappointment Cry, The Beloved Country (1995) <- now this one is the one that cracks me up the most because it's Oscar bait about apartheid and while there is a pretty brutal jail scene it's just mostly talking. I could totally see this being assigned in school.
  12. dlo burns

    EPISODE 124.5 - Minisode 124.5

    Speaking of pinball, this place in Vegas is awesome (and non-profit) http://www.pinballmuseum.org/ just make sure not to wander around the neighborhood at night.
  13. dlo burns

    EPISODE 124.5 - Minisode 124.5

    So Steel (the movie) came out the same time the Superman Animated Series was still airing, and that same year they did an episode with John Henry Irons as just a weapons designer at Lexcorp, and then one as Steel saving Supes from Metallo (which Bruce Timm disliked but I remember well). He was voiced by Michael Dorn (Worf from Star Trek) who I think could've played a much better Steel. http://dcau.wikia.com/wiki/Heavy_Metal
  14. dlo burns

    G.I. Joe: Retaliation

    underwear drawer, in jockstraps, where the cup goes
  15. dlo burns

    The Worst Movie Ever Made?

    The insane thing was that first there was the B:EvS game for the GBA that I remember being pretty good especially for trying to be a FPS on a 2d system. Then the movie came out and burned hard and I think really didn't have much to do with the game, then they released another game which I heard was also pretty good but not related to the movie. I'd like to hear Blake Harris get to the bottom of this.
  16. dlo burns

    EPISODE 124.5 - Minisode 124.5

    Hey everybody I'm back from my daunting and epic adventure across the barren wastes (and no I did not forget my password) Funnily enough I was thinking of Nic Cage, Travolta, and JCVD being kitsch superstars, and I was pondering who is close to being one, but is just not really good enough, and I'd have to say Steven Seagal. SS has a few highly entertaining movies early in his career, but the last few have just been real stinkers. Excepting for The Onion Movie and Machete, they've mostly have seemed to be super generic and slogging in a Uwe Boll kind of way, even when they have insane premises like a terrorist cell of vampires. I think his main problem is that he's just a one note (or less) actor playing an archetype that's been pounded into being a cliche. Anybody else have an actor who's just not quite good enough to be a B-film god? Isn't being a furry basically having an entire cartoon fetish? And I can't think of anything because most cartoon girls are actually kind of creepy, especially furry ones because they always are human+animal nose & ears which is just on the wrong side of the uncanny valley. And speaking of creepy
  17. dlo burns

    EPISODE 108.5 — Minisode 108.5

    I feel like this film may lead me to deliquency.
  18. dlo burns

    Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

    Well that and it's on the same dorky level as a tandem bike.
  19. dlo burns

    Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

    But we can atleast enjoy the memes, right?
  20. dlo burns

    EPISODE 108 — Con Air LIVE!

    So I just skipped ahead to the end to watch the Virus get his; and I think the end is more damn nonsensical than discussed. I sometimes live in Vegas but I first moved about 2006, and I know the place changed a bunch in the ten years the film was made but here's my analysis: The crash itself was stupid because they're coming in from north, pass by the Stratosphere, then clip the Hard Rock guitar which is a good relative two miles not only down but east of the Strip, and then it shows the plane heading on the right path past Circus Circus and the Riviera. Another super-dumb thing about this is that path would mean they were heading through the area of Nellis Air Force Base (and possibly Area 51/'Nevada Test Site'), which I would assume means the AF would scramble some jets or missiles just to make sure the plane is not a threat. And they never did show the plane taking a turn, so how did it go from heading north-south to east-west because the Strip is not a cul de sac ending there. So they get away from the Sands (which is where the Venetian now sits), get on the fire truck and speed through a tunnel, which is where it lost me. See the only straight traffic tunnel I can think of that is longer than a city block is the one where Paradise runs beneath the airport (aka McCarran Airport Connector) or if you really stretch it maybe the part of Desert Inn that runs under the strip, but both of those don't look anything like the tunnel they were in (round and one line of white lights, whereas the other two are boxy and filled with orange sodium lamps), and were both probably built after this movie came out. The pedestrian bridge Cyrus crashes through looks like one downtown (and Freemont is like three miles from that area), but this tunnel somehow looped back around to the Sands*? And as for the equipment, most casinos have basements and Vegas is built on bedrock/hardpan so it might make sense for that stuff to be there; but the big problem with that is 1) that stuff would not be anywhere near the road for noise and drunk tourist concerns and 2) it'd be easier to have trucks ship it off to a crusher plant outside the city than to set it up and then have to move it a few months later. Also I am not a fireman, but after John Cusack punches a hole in the fire truck roof he fills the cab with water, which I thought the trucks had to be stopped to use the water. Man this movie is just as bad as Sharknado. *looks more like the Riviera to me, but the Riv is old and outdated and is going to be torn down soon Eh ... probably not, the things are bone dry for 90% of the year, and actually smell terrible due to the lack of water (like when you don't have water in the U-shaped pipe under your sink). Although they're built to handle flash floods, so that bunny should've fallen like 15 ft into a tiny shaft. WHAT IS HAPPENING?
  21. dlo burns

    EPISODE 604 - Hitting On Non White People

    HAHA Cruz Camps.
  22. dlo burns

    EPISODE 105 — Safe Haven

    Wait, did Paul say he watched the movie with June's sisters? I would love if they came on the mini-episode. It'd be a Raphael-ypse
  23. dlo burns

    EPISODE 592 - Chopsticks Song

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JM5fjgiFrxg Apparently the original name was "Celebrated Chop Waltz" There was some other vaguely 'oriental' song I was thinking of, which they were probably also.