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  1. Partario

    Ask Paul!

    But those live episodes are later released free through earwolf (in the proper order), do we know that the podfest episode will be? I had assumed it wouldn't since unlike the largo eps, everyone has the ability to pay for these, but I don't really know so I probably shouldn't assume anything.
  2. Partario

    Ask Paul!

    Where is the opening interview question for Andy Daly at podfest going to come from? Won't it throw off the order if it's the question from the last episode you recorded, since the podfest ep will be "released" first? This is troubling me more than it probably should!
  3. Oh god, it's so good to hear PFT with Eban Schletter's piano accompaniment again.
  4. Partario

    Episode 193 — What Else? What Else?

    I don't know what happened with Kristen Schaal's stand up special, but that's too bad if it's really not airing. On a more positive note, did Scott hint at a Nick Kroll appearance next week??