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    Episode 250 - The Doughboys, Our Shrimp-off Friends

    Y'all still doing this show?
  2. Alriiiight, you guys ready to get to Season 36 of Survivor: Ghost Island? #TooScary Survivor is back this coming Wednesday and that means it's time to start picking our fantasy teams! Once again this year teams may be picked before OR after the premiere. The catch being that if you pick a team after the episode airs, any points a castaway accumulates during the premiere will NOT count towards your final total whereas choosing your team beforehand will earn you full points. -- It's a high risk/reward game. Last season, Charlie Murphy Brown made some #BigMoves to come away with a win in the final stretch of episodes and it's time to reclaim the title of Sole Survivor. Will the zombified remains of Marshall Mellow's back to back last place teams come to haunt the rest of us? Will your winner pick ghost into the background of every episode like FBI Joe from Koah Rong? It's about to get SPOOKY on this island folks. As always, I will keep the leaderboard updated on the google doc and here in the thread. Here is the link to the scoring sheet: https://docs.google....dit?usp=sharing And the spreadsheet where the scores are kept: https://docs.google....dit?usp=sharing I'll post the template to pick your squad in a seperate post below. Good luck, have fun and don't get too friggen scared (haha like from Hollywood Handbook show podcast goof around time) PRE-PREMIERE PICK RESOURCES: If you're looking to choose your team pre-premiere here is a link to a video of Probst assessing the cast that you can get some impressions from and draw conclusions based off personalities as well as a playlist with full in-depth castaway interviews. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sZmCGZThYY https://www.youtube.com/user/SurvivorOnCBS/playlists And here is the official CBS page with interviews for every contestant and a Reddit link with a slew of pre game interviews and clips. http://www.cbs.com/s...f-ghost-island/ https://www.reddit.c...6/pregame_links
  3. Joe McGurl

    Survivor Season 36: MEGATHREAD

    WEEK 12 LEADERBOARD Team Joe - 625 points (-) Team CMB - 493 points (+1) Team Ostrich- 485points (-1) Team Mellow - 470 points (+1) Team Greggy - 458 points (-1) Team Jay - 427 points (-) Well, much like Dom and Wendell, I am confidently and easily strolling myself into the finale with the lead all wrapped up!
  4. Joe McGurl

    Survivor Season 36: MEGATHREAD

    WEEK 10 LEADERBOARD (forgot to update with week 9 but it's baked in here!) Team Joe - 538 points (-) Team Ostrich - 447 points (-) Team CMB- 441points (-) Team Greggy- 421points (+1) Team Mellow - 419 points (-1) Team Jay - 392 points (-)
  5. Joe McGurl

    Survivor Season 36: MEGATHREAD

    WEEK 8 LEADERBOARD Team Joe - 459 points (-) Team Ostrich - 413 points (-) Team CMB- 391 points (-) Team Mellow - 376 points (-) Team Greggy - 370 points (-) Team Jay - 352 points (-)
  6. Joe McGurl

    Survivor Season 36: MEGATHREAD

    WEEK 7 LEADERBOARD Team Joe - 424 points (-) Team Ostrich - 387 points (-) Team CMB- 355 points (+1) Team Mellow - 347 points (-1) Team Greggy - 338 points (+1) Team Jay - 326 points (-1) RIP to #TheNobleOne http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BE3DLW6SQwU&t=9s
  7. Joe McGurl

    Survivor Season 36: MEGATHREAD

    Forgot to post the points last week! My B!!! WEEK 6 LEADERBOARD Team Joe - 358 points (-) Team Ostrich - 329 points (-) Team Mellow - 307 points (+1) Team CMB - 300 points (+1) Team CMB - 294 points (-2) Team Greggy - 282 points (-)
  8. Joe McGurl

    Episode 231 - Ego Nwodim, Our Close Friend

    I'm laughing just imagining this. The fact that you think you are dextrous enough to avoid the people's elbow that I would drop on you from the top rope. I am so fast and you would never stand a chance. Pathetic.
  9. Joe McGurl

    Survivor Season 36: MEGATHREAD

    WEEK 4 LEADERBOARD Team Joe - 264 points (-) Team Ostrich - 248 points (-) Team Jay - 228 points (-) Team Mellow - 219 points (-) Team CMB - 219 points (-) Team Greggy - 198 points (-) CHRIS WANTS THOSE PASTRIES BABY! WOO
  10. Joe McGurl

    Episode 231 - Ego Nwodim, Our Close Friend

    I feel the same as Greggy but tell me on the forums you cowards. I'm pissed off and ready to fucking throw down. You want to come after me and my heavyweight belt? Forget about it.
  11. Joe McGurl

    Episode 231 - Ego Nwodim, Our Close Friend

    Great first post!
  12. Joe McGurl

    Survivor Season 36: MEGATHREAD

    WEEK 3 LEADERBOARD Team Joe - 225 points (-) Team Ostrich - 200 points (+1) Team Jay - 181 points (-1) Team Mellow - 181 points (+1) Team CMB - 178 points (-1) Team Greggy - 160 points (-) #TheyLetChelseaSpeak
  13. Good riddance chump
  14. Joe McGurl

    Survivor Season 36: MEGATHREAD

    Jacob had 14 confessionals in brief but bright flame out which was 1 less than Natalie White, winner of Survivor Samoa.
  15. Joe McGurl

    Survivor Season 36: MEGATHREAD

    WEEK 2 LEADERBOARD Team Joe - 127 points Team Jay - 111 points Team Ostrich - 109 points Team CMB - 102 points Team Mellow - 100 points Team Greggy - 93 points #LetChelseaSpeak
  16. Joe McGurl

    Survivor Season 36: MEGATHREAD

    You can still make a team! You just won't get points for the first week! Also, sorry that I'm behind with the scores from last week. My phone has shit the bed and it had all my notes on it for points and shit but I'm just going to rewatch last week and the new episode tonight or tomorrow and have everything up and on here for the weekend!
  17. Joe McGurl

    Survivor Season 36: MEGATHREAD

    Super behind this week, will be watching on Saturday and then will have the spreadsheet all updated and such probably Sunday! Challenge Beast: Brendan The Strategist: Kellyn. Seems super sharp. Plus in her pre-game interview she said Keith Nale is her favorite player. CLEARLY SHE GETS IT. #NaleMale4Life The Black Widow AKA the Parvati Award: Stephanie J. MAJOR Parvati vibes off of her. The Cutthroat: Domenick. When in doubt, pick the construction worker. The Old Schooler/ Loyalist: Morgan Under The Radar: Chelsea. Wildcard: Donathan. With a name like DONATHAN, you are the ultimate wildcard Bench Player: Wendell Final 3 Prediction: Laurel, Stephanie J, Wendel Winner Pick: Wendell
  18. Joe McGurl

    Episode 227 - Claudia O'Doherty, Our Close Friend

    Wow this episode syncs perfectly with side B of "Dark Side of the Moon." Love the new direction of the show, it's a bit more heady and ethereal but it really trips me out and I can't wait to see how much further Sean and Hayes can push this podcasting medium. Incredible shit. Will definitely be revisiting this one a few times to pick out ALL of the easter eggs hidden in here.
  19. Joe McGurl

    Survivor Season 36: MEGATHREAD

    Here is your form to pick your team! Challenge Beast: Someone who will prove his or her challenge prowess. The Strategist: Player who will show the greatest strategic aptitude. The Black Widow AKA the Parvati Award: This is a female player who might be underrated or not so front-of-mind and can therefore strategically sneak and blindside her way to the top. The Cutthroat: A player who will set out aiming to lie, cheat and steal their way to the million dollar prize no matter what it costs. The Old Schooler/ Loyalist: A player who will play the less strategic "old school survivor" mindset or someone who will be unwavering in their loyalty to their alliance. Under The Radar: Someone entering Survivor aiming to play an undetectable game. Wildcard: A player who is completely unpredictable in the game Bench Player: A bonus player you like or think will earn you points. Final 3 Prediction: The 3 players who will make it to the final. Winner Pick: The player who will win this season. *WINNER PICK MUST BE SOMEONE FROM YOUR FINAL 3*
  20. Joe McGurl

    Episode 226 - Tom Scharpling, Our Third Host

    Lotta Scranton talk here and as a Scrantonite, I really could have given some sage wisdom here. I mean they were right on the money, Tom Hesser Chevrolet is bad and will likely NEVER recover from this.
  21. Joe McGurl

    Episode 224 - Nick Wiger, Our Corny Friend

    Great first post!
  22. Joe McGurl

    Episode 221 - Jen Statsky, Our Close Friend

    this shit slaps
  23. Joe McGurl

    Episode 220 - Mary Sasson, Our Close Friend

    This show still on the air?