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    EPISODE 205 — Flaming Mop and Tuxedo

    Regarding the traffic stop thing, I talk to the cops just because there is a good chance to get out of the ticket if its a minor infraction. Acting polite, contrite, and kinda dumb has gotten me out of everything I've ever been pulled over for. Being a kinda sad but harmless looking white American helps too
  2. ConcreteLogic

    EPISODE 106 — Deep Blue Sea: LIVE!

    BTW, Mythbusters did cover Deep Blue Sea. Looks like episode 106. I don't see any good clips, but they tested the harpoon gun blowing up the shark. If I remember correctly, the battery didn't trigger the powder, and the amount of powder in a few flairs did almost nothing.
  3. ConcreteLogic

    Episode 97.5 — Minisode 97.5

    On a completely, 100% unrelated note, I was just watching Zodiac and was surprised to see June show up. When I first saw her I had to rewind to make sure I wasn't imagining it.
  4. ConcreteLogic

    Episode 81 — Finger Fuckers

    The problem is that your can't really communicate on the forum the same way you could in real life. There is a massive part of the communication process that is left out, and I think you have to allow for that a bit. Perhaps feel the situation out a bit more before you go into total war mode.
  5. ConcreteLogic

    Episode 81 — Finger Fuckers

    You know, I think this is the kind of thing people are responding to in the case closed segment. He stated that he didn't enjoy the political segment in your improv show, and you respond with an all out carpet bombing, making him out to be everything that is wrong with the internet. What your doing here is directly opposed to some of the advise given to you by your guest. A reasoned measured response is more effective. I would say that Shakesbeards post is the perfect sort of response to that guy. It increases the level of discourse, rather than your response, which just beat down and humiliated your opponent. Also, it makes you sound petulant.
  6. ConcreteLogic

    Episode 11 — The Battle Continues

    Seems the group would do well to follow Mildred’s lead a bit more often. She appears to be the only one thinking ahead. I think she can get them places, as long as she doesn’t accidently hang herself and Amarth(sp?) doesn’t slice the captive in half. That said, it is amusing to hear her in the background “Don’t you think we should…” while the guys are hacking people up and stealing their cloths. The disguises they are planning would be so weak I’m starting to think they just like getting dead people naked. I think someone might notice a giant barbarian with two halves of a Klan outfit slapped on his face. Enjoying the show, keep it up.