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  1. Wow, two of my favorite funny people discussing my previous favorite band. Like both of them, I came in at age 13 (but it was ACHTUNG baby for me). Going back through their catalog, I pretty much agree with the Scotts on these (although Under a Blood Red Sky got short shrift here). Boy is pretty fun right out of the gate, October bores the hell out of me and War was pretty damn amazing. Here is some trivia Scott A didn't include. The other band members almost booted out Adam Clayton from the group around the time of October because they had all become Christians and he was still an aetheist. Thanks for doing this, guys!
  2. winterteeth

    Episode 233 — Royal Watching

    I say, that Robert Odenkirk is quite the aggressive fellow vis a vis his questioning style. Didn't know if I was at a Rugby match or listening to one of your American podcasts, right wot?
  3. winterteeth

    Episode 227 — All Farted Out

    So, shameful confession, I read The Last Christmas and didn't really care for it. Also, Deadpool is a character that is really easy to mess up. Has anyone been reading Posehn's take on it? Would you recommend it?
  4. winterteeth

    Episode 225 — Super Chums

    I really, really want to sit down with Aukerman and nerd out on comic books. When he recognized Andreyko as the writer of Manhunter, I wanted to high five my laptop. Plus, I think there was a Firestorm reference a few eps back. I hope Killam's comic is better than that one Hader and Seth Myers did.
  5. winterteeth

    Episode 200 — Halfway To China

    Truly great episode 200, a worthy sequel to 148 (which is the one I always play for people to get them hooked on the show). Loved the callback to the 12 nights of Oscar. I have been burning my way through the archives and the TV show on Netflix lately so I am kind of shocked I am not dreaming of Comedy Bang Bang/Death Ray. I have to say, I was not convinced the character work would go over on TV but Daly's Demillo (just watched that one yesterday) was just as creepy and hilarious with the visual. Anyhoot, awesome supercut Tinnitus! Awesome episode Stop Tacoman and crew...here is to 200 more!
  6. winterteeth

    Episode 193 — What Else? What Else?

    I think there are male and female voices that annoy the listener (Lapkus' Tracy and Kroll's Baby voices come to mind) but that doesn't mean they aren't saying hilarious things. I think there are probably scientific/psychological reasons why high-pitched voices sound "whiney" or unpleasant. Calls of alarm and distress are usually in the higher registers so that we can pick them out from normal speech so, people who are speaking in a constantly high register are kind of stabbing our brain balls with an ice pick of sound. I think there is also a factor of "earning your stripes" when it comes to excusing harsh voices. Andy Daly and Nick Kroll kind of come in already proven and are given more leeway. The first time I heard Lapkus was the Tracy episode (and while I personally laughed, I warned friends who I played it for that they might have a hard time listening). When she came back and did the Diane character a few eps later, I was able to hear her range as a performer and immediately became a fan. Fairly or not, once a comedian has a "rep" I think they can more easily experiment with characters. To also comment on the "overused" topic, I just started listening around the 140s. So, I am not tired of PFT by a long shot. I think having Murphy do Nancy Cooper so close to her last appearance might have been a mistake, though. There didn't seem to be any more to it than last time and I would have loved to have heard a different character from Murphy as she is obviously very funny. Not that twice is overused, per se, just...proximity can make a world of difference.